Temporary Veneers: What can I eat?

After I got my temporaries I trawled the internet for information about what I could/couldn’t eat using searches in google such ‘What can I eat with temporary veneers’. I found very few sources and sparse advice, so I thought I would collate everything together in one place.

  • Avoid smoking
  • Red meat is very difficult to chew. The repetative grinding motion is not great with temporary teeth and will make your mouth ache
  • Crusty bread is a no go. Anything where you need to use your teeth to tear food is practically impossible while wearing temporaries as they feel (and are) fragile
  • Avoid anything crunchy ie nuts and seeds. Putting pressure on your temporary teeth will only cause you pain later
  • Avoid dark food as your temporary teeth are vulnerable to staining. Avoid the following:

Thai food
Berries/ dark fruits/ fruity sauces/jams
Any sauces/ food containing tomatoes
Red peppers
Red wine
Tea/ Coffee
Any food containing colouring

As you can see, this doesn’t leave you with an awful lot! If you stick to the basic rules of eating soft things that are white/ cream/ yellow you will be fine. It does get pretty boring by day 4 though.

For the first 5 days I lived on:

  • Chicken – cut up very small
  • Pasta – well cooked
  • Srambled egg
  • Mash potato
  • Chicken soup
  • Drank: orange flavoured soft drinks/ squash

By day 7 I had branched out to:

  • Bananas (cut up)
  • White fish
  • Sausages (cut up)
  • Prawn sandwich on soft brown bread – crusts are a definite no go!


CHOCOLATE: After about a week I sucked some galaxy minstrels to no obvious detriment. The thought of 2 weeks without chocolate was too much to bear, so I took the risk. Actually chompsing on chocolate would be difficult and would likely get in the tops of the veneers between your gums and would look pretty unattractive. Suck a chocolate button or minstrel if you can’t face going without chocolate. The new Galaxy counters are perfect.

NB: The first dentist I went to see said one of his clients ate Covent Garden Tomato Soup while wearing the temporaries and it turned her teeth green! She had to have the temporaries replaced! What a nightmare. AVOID.

15 thoughts on “Temporary Veneers: What can I eat?

  1. I only had my 4 front teeth done, I am currently wearing temporary veneers for the next 2 weeks, do you think it is okay to eat shrimp?

  2. I also had veneers done and ate pretty much anything (coffee, soda, tomatoes, curry, balsamic vinegar, etc,) during my two weeks with the temporaries with no staining at all. I was careful biting into things so as not to break them, but had no issues with colour change.

    • Hi. Glad you had no issues. Green teeth weren’t worth the risk for me, esp when i hated them as much as i did! Hope you’re enjoying your new veneers.

  3. I hate my teeth and have finally saved enough for veneers – although very nervous. Can I have the name of your dentist please?

  4. So glad you wrote this blog. Just set an appointment with my dentist to start to process. Hoping it will all go smoothly. Glad that I have some realistic expectations! Thanks!

  5. Just had mine done last night and have to wait for 2 weeks to get my permanent veneers attached (two front teeth). I had to research on what I can eat and saw your blog! I was worried that my temporaries will stain the moment I put something in my mouth :/. Thanks for the list of food you provided! Now I have a basis of what I can prepare/buy for meals. 🙂

    p.s. those green teeth sure look scary!

  6. Thanks for the info…..
    I have been to the DDS 3 times to replace broken temporaries!
    One broke eating a banana, another on a piece of soft white bread.

    The permanent ones go in on Thursday……finally!

  7. I just had 8 of my top teeth prepped for veneers and am really freaking out. My temp veneers broke off with 3 prepped (grinded sounds worse, but actually what they are) exposed. Thanks for this blog because I am experiencing everything so far. I really worried about my perm veneers because I feel like Bugs Bunny with the temps.

  8. This is a great blog! I had my 4 x temporarys fitted today and they feel so odd and I can’t bit down correctly, but I feel so relived knowing that this is normal.
    Can’t wait for my permanent ones “)

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