Fourth Appointment: Permanent veneers

3 DAYS since having the veneers fitted:

So, I have had my permanent veneers for a few days and have to say, they feel excellent!

The process to fit them was a similar experience to the temporary veneers but with little to no recovery time needed and virtually no pain afterward. Result!

The top 10 veneers were first and I was anaesthetised; initially with one injection per tooth but some teeth needed 2+ injections. I have some teeth that are dual nerved, whch meant a nerve at the front and back of the tooth. Those teeth needed 4-5 Injections and I could sometimes feel the odd twinge.

Next, the temporary veneers had to be removed. These can sometimes be pried off in one go but if they are resistant, as mine were, they need to be drilled to loosen them and then pulled off in sections. This feels akin to have an extraction as quite a lot of force is needed to remove the temporaries and it feels quite brutal, like your real teeth might be yanked out.

The dentist warned me there might be bad smell when the temporary teeth were removed from food etc that may have been trapped. That can be a little embarrassing but the dentist assured me it was normal.

After my temporary teeth were removed, my real teeth underneath were cleaned up and preped for the porcelains. I found that some of my teeth were particularly sensitive during this stage and required additional injections in order for the dentist to work without me squirming all over the place. I was completely oblivious to the scraping and flossing he performed but whenever cold water went near them, it was like biting in to an ice lolly. I was injected until I could no longer feel anything. The side effect to all this aneasthetic was the shakes, similar to what I would experience if I was really hungry. Apparently this is normal.

After the cleaning of the teeth, the dentist fitted the porcelain teeth over my teeth, without any adhesive, just to show me what they would look like and check I was happy with them. I am not sure what would happen if you weren’t happy – you may have temporary teeth fitted again! Nightmare.

Fortunately, I was happy with them. I was told not to bite down on the final veneers at all in this state as they are very fragile, like eggshells, until they are fitted properly.

During this stage, the dentist filed some of my real teeth down again in order for the new teeth to fit perfectly over them. The new teeth were placed and removed numerous times and filed where necessary, until the dentist was happy.

My real teeth were cleaned and dried with air. It then felt as though something was being painted over my teeth. I would assume this is a chemical to completely seal/sanitise or prime the real teeth.

I was told that for aprox 5 mins I would need to keep my mouth fully open and not get any saliva over the teeth or it would RUIN the process and the new teeth wouldn’t bond. The hygenist kept my lips away from my teeth for this process while the dentist did the work.

Each tooth was fitted in place with adhesive – I forgot to ask whether this was temporary or permanent. I assume it was permanent. The dentist then wiggled the tooth around until he was happy with its position/ angle and then pushed and held it firmly in place. This was done for each of the 10 teeth. There is a lot of poking and prodding, I assume this was in order to get the teeth fully underneath the gum line and get them looking perfect without any obvious joins.

After the teeth were in place and set with a UV/heat tool, the most hideous part of the process began. This was creating the gaps in between each tooth. This gap is only very, very slight so that you are able to floss properly – and speak properly! This is literally done with a dental version of sandpaper. It was like dental tape, rather than floss. This is then flossed in between each of your new teeth. It feels as hideous as it sounds and still runs shivers down my spine when I explain it to people. On the plus side, it doesn’t last very long and has stopped me having the slight lisp I had with the temporaries.

When the dentist was finished with the top 10 teeth, I was shown them in the mirror. They looked lovely but honestly, I was so exhausted by this point and my mouth ached with all the work I’d had done that I barely took any notice. This process took roughly 2 1/2 hours.

I had a break for 45 mins until I began the same process for the bottom 6 teeth. During the break, I remember thinking that the remaining temporaries felt so nice and normal and pain-free compared to the new porcelains and I quite frankly wanted to say – forget it, I’ll stick with these for now – because I was so drained from the morning process and my mouth felt really sore. I sent photos of the new top 10 teeth out to my family and boyfriend who thought they looked lovely.

The dentist carried out the same process for the bottom set and this took around 2 hours. This was mainly because I had a bottom tooth that persisted in resisting the anesthetic. The dentist had to keep injecting the tooth and wait each time while the anesthetic took hold. I’d pretty much had my fill of injections by this point and was utterly drained.

As I sat in the chair, I remembered the dentist previously telling me about people who had fallen asleep during these sessions. I thought to myself – now I know why! It wasn’t through relaxation but complete exhaustion. I don’t know how lying there immobile is so draining but I felt as though I’d been put through a bootcamp gym session.

After all the teeth had been fitted in place, the dentist spent time correcting my bite. This is done by filing down the underside of the teeth to ensure the top and bottom teeth fit together properly. It is difficult to tell whether everything fits together properly at this time, especially for me after my vat of anesthetic. I found that although it could do with a few minor adjustments, the fit is greatly improved in comparison to the temporaries. There is a checkup appointment a week or so after the porcelain veneers are fitted to make any further adjustments where necessary.

When the dentist was completely finished, I don’t think I even looked at my teeth in a mirror! I pretty much rolled off the dentist chair and slithered off downstairs. I was just so grateful to be finished. The teeth felt lovely and smooth and slippery in my mouth, like glass but my mouth ached and I felt as if I had jet lag. When I got to the reception area I checked them out in the mirror, they looked lovely. Sore, but lovely.

Immediately after the appointment I was in bit of pain, quite a lot of pain to be honest.  It actually felt worse than after the temporaries. I went to the nearest pharmacy and stocked up on pain killers. However, mch to my relief within about 2 hours I had barely any pain at all – and I haven’t had any since!

Unlike with the temporaries, I was able to eat within a few hours. Properly eat. Upon leaving my appointment, the dentist had told me I could now eat whatever I liked and I chose to take this advice quite literally!

When I was asked what I would like for dinner by my Mother (I had gone back home for recuperation and general hair stroking), I had replied – A BBQ! I promptly ate lamb and halloumi kebabs (and not minced lamb either – proper lamb!), tzatziki, garlic and balsamic romano peppers and a tomato & onion salad. Everything that I had been unable to eat for the last 2 weeks.

Although I ate carefully, I didn’t have any pain and found I could chew everything with ease, including the meat. HEAVEN. I had missed eating red meat so much for the last 2 weeks and although I was probably able to eat it with the temporaries, the effort and discomfort would not have been worth it. It was also nice to be able to eat flavoursome foods again and not worry about getting crazy coloured teeth.

I have not had any ulcers since the porcelains have been fitted, which is a complete blessing. The inside of my mouth was raw and sore for 3 days after the porcelains were fitted and so I rubbed Bonjela around the area constantly. I don’t know whether this prevented the ulcers from forming or whether there simply were none. However, for the fitting of the porcelain veneers, I barely wore the ‘mouth guard’ for any time at all compared to when I had the  temporaries fitted. I believe this to be the real cause of the ulcers, as they appeared only where the guard had rubbed.

Since having the porcelain veneers I have been able to eat and drink as normal without any problems. I occasionally get the odd twinge when biting in to harder food or when chewing and the teeth rub together and I am just a a little more careful than I used to be.

The teeth have not been sensitive at all, which is a surprise and one of the things I was most worried about.

I have brushed them several times a day and used Listerine zero mouth wash. I was advised to start flossing after 3 days but have not done this yet as my gums still bleed when I brush my teeth and are a little too fragile for me to contemplate this yet.

All in all, although the procedure feels a little brutal at the time and somewhat exhausting – within a few hours I was pretty much over it and compared to the temporary veneers, recovered far more quickly.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that the veneers feel exactly like my own teeth at the minute, as I am still aware of the texture and feel of them. However,  eating and brushing them feels almost exactly the same as it used to. A far cry from the temporary veneers. I imagine in a few months I will become completely familiar with them and forget I’ve even had anything done.

An additional note to mention is that they look GREAT! Beyond great. Amazing really.

I ended up meeting 2 new girls on Saturday on a day out. Neither of these girls knew I had any dental work done and both, separately, commented what amazing teeth I had. It was such an unfamiliar experience that I didn’t really know how to respond! I think I’ll get used to it and it is so nice not having to hide them anymore !


6 DAYS since having the veneers fitted:

Having my new teeth has been wonderful. I have been like a new person, able to smile and laugh without being self conscious. Money well spent.

I flossed my teeth last night  for the first time and found that the bottom teeth became extremely sensitive, to the point where I had to take some pain killers in order to sleep. They a still a little edgy today. I definitely wouldn’t be eating any ice cream or cold drinks at this point!

Other than this, I can quite honestly say I have had no pain or problems from the veneers. As to be expected, it just takes a little time to get used to them. However, they feel lovely and slim and smooth and there is nothing obvious about them that make them look as though they are not my own natural teeth. Couldn’t be happier.

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109 thoughts on “Fourth Appointment: Permanent veneers

  1. Thank you for writing this blog. I’m on day 6 of temporary veneers with just over a week to go until the permanent veneers are fitted. The information I have gleaned from your site has been invaluble, and really appreciated. Jo x

  2. It sounds like you were an absolute dramatic nightmare to be around while you had your temporaries, but glad to hear you are happy with the end result – they look very good.

  3. This is such an indepth, informative and accurate account and it has reassured me (day 6 of temps) that my experience was not driven by neurosis. Your account accurately describes my experience also, which gives me hope that once the perm veneers are fitted I will be equally as happy as you. The only additional symptom I have is slightly puffy eyelids (!) which I am having checked out by the GP tomorrow. I was at the same point a few days ago of absolute regret and trying to steer clear of horror stories on the net. I’m normally a stoic but when it comes to the face….. well. Thanks for sharing and enjoy all the new lipstick colours!

  4. I fully appreciate the detailed posts about te temporaries and final porcelain veneers… I just had my temporaries placed on Wednesday and I thought I’d never be able to eat, talk or breathe outdoors again. I have until Dec 12th but I now feel some hope that Christmas will be easier than thanksgiving was…

    Thank you. 🙂

  5. Really great blog. Many thanks for this level of detail. I have just had a rather brutal session to have the temporaries put in and am a little apprehensive about the permanent ones being done. Ten veneers and 8 crowns all in one go!

  6. What a great blog. I’m on my 5th day in temporaries, and I assure you that I’m an absolute mess! (up at 4 a.m. thinking about this and haven’t slept well since day one). Your information definitely helps ease some of my anxiety, and it’s reassuring to know what I’m dealing with is not unusual (yes, I’m thinking I have lost my mind!) and how much pasta and light colored food can one tolerate? (yes, I’m really working on getting my sense of humor back as well). Again, thanks for sharing your experience in such detail! Your teeth DO look amazing.

  7. Im off to the dentist on Wednesday 4th july sooooo nervous/scared/excited. Your blog has been so useful as I had no idea of what to expect. Your teeth look stunning, would have loved to see a before pic too xxx

  8. I have my temporaries in right now and I want to cry all day! My gums are bright red and they bleed when touched. I’m scared I have made a big mistake.Thanks for writing this blog, you have given me some hope. I get my permanent teeth in a week.This is going to be a very long week.

    • Hi. I hope you’re ok. You sound like you have it hard at the minute. The mouthwash I used was really good at helping to heal my mouth and ease the pain. Try some of that. Hope everything works out ok.

  9. i wish i would have read this before the temporaries! i had totally underestimated the discomfort, and the difficult procedure. unfortunately i am not happy with the shape of my temps, and am seeing the dentist to rethink a few things. i definately should have had more input in the wax up model!

  10. Wow I am so glad I read your report … I have just had temporary veneers fitted today and thought they were all wrong … too big etc… but now I know this is kinda what to expect until the real ones are fitted… thank you so much xx

  11. Thanks for the detailed information. I’ve been thinking about veneers for 3 years now but haven’t had the finances to get them. I do now after graduating from college, getting employed, and saving up my money. I too found ways to cover my mouth back in highschool + college and it affected me greatly. Tetracycline staining did a number on my teeth and I’m planning to get my top 6 done, although my dentist recommended the top 8 as the back teeth are revealed when I smile. Anyway just wanted to say thanks!

  12. Day 7 – I was doing better but now I am having some pains.. I too was regretting the process and wondering if I made the wrong decision….I cannot wait to get this temporary thing out of my mouth the pressure is killing me. .

  13. Hi! Thank you for this, is helped a lot. I have one question though. With the permanent veneers you don’t have trouble pronouncing the “s” anymore? Was it really the gap between the teeth? Cause I read it is the gap between upper and lower teeth, not the one between each upper teeth.

    • Hi Madalina. I have no trouble with S’s now. For me, it was the gap between the teeth but it may well be other reasons for other people as every mouth and set of veneers is different – I am most definitely not an expert, I only know what happened to me. What you have read sounds plausible though. Are you experiencing this?

      • Yes, I have temp veneers and will keep them for a while to get used to talking. They feel much better than than the first days and I speak a little better, but still not good enough. I hope there won;t be any problem at all when I get the final veneers. I can’t wait!

  14. Replying from Charlotte, NC United States. I got temporaries put on this past Wednesday. There is more pain than I realized and they are rough textured but all in all, they look fine for now. They are white and prettier than my own stained, yellowish teeth were. I was assured by the dentist and staff that my permanents will be even better. I have to wait 3-4 weeks before I get the permanents. Thank you so much for the wealth of information on your site. This is really helpful in knowing what to expect in some way. Bless you for helping all of us who have/had questions that were not answered elsewhere.

    • Thanks very much for your comment Stephanie. I hope everything is going well for you and you are happy with the final result.

  15. Hi From New Jersey, USA. Three days ago I was fitted with my permanents…8 veneers and 2 crowns…all on top. The permanents took 5 weeks, and I was pretty miserable throughout the entire time. I was ready to rip the temps out with a pliers a few times…and believe it or not, I have a very high tolerance for pain. I was on 600 mg of Motrin around the clock for the entire time. When the permanents went in and the Novocain wore off, i experienced pain so horrible, I almost passed out driving home. However, I remembered from your blog that it wore off after 2 hours…and sure enough it did. I am happy with the results. I still have some pain at times…mostly soreness and cold sensitivity..but it is getting better. I am down to about 800 mg of Motrin a day. Thanks so much for your blog. It truly kept me going for the entire time.

    • Hi. Thanks for your message, Im glad if the blog helped in any way. There is so little info out there to reassure people. Really glad to hear you are happy with your veneers and that the pain is getting better, in 6 months time you wont even rememebr you have had them done! Take care

  16. Hi, to everyone out there. I had my two upper front teeth completed with veneers in Jan. 2013. The process was long and before I did that, I did the “ZOOM” (now that was a nightmare) 3 weeks before the process of veneers. I just need to ask, it’s been 4 mos. and I sometimes have a lisp and at times it feels like they are crackling..they are not loose, just feels strange!
    Also, I do have pain in the upper front roof of my mouth, the teeth do not hurt..just not sure if this will subside in time! I am under a lot of stress, lost my insurance and not working at this time, so I can’t go back to my dentist. I’m thinking stress can add pain and just giving it time.
    I hope to hear from anyone, that has these symptoms and is it normal?
    Many thanks for your time, take care and be safe.

    • Hi Kimilla. Your story doesnt sound ideal. After 4 months you really shouldn’t be suffering from any problems with the veneers. Regardless of insurance (I assume you are from the USA?) you paid for a service from your dentist and if you are not happy and they are not right, you should go back to have any work corrected. It is not that you are asking for additional treatment, you simply want the existing work to be right and to be what you paid for. That’s how it works in the UK but I have no idea if that will be the case overseas.

      The lisp is something that should be corrected FOC. The pain in the roof of your mouth should be checked to make sure the work he/ she did has not caused this (seems likely if it started after the veneers were put in, possibly due to your bite not being exactly in the right position).

      On a different note, any time I have been ill since having the veneers I have found they give me a bit of a pain and are much more sensitive. This goes away as soon as I am well again. Your stress could be a contributing factor, but certainly wont have caused your lisp or the crackling feeling.

      I’d show up at the dentist and insist they see me, even for 5 minutes! Hope you get something worked out.

  17. First, many thanks for all you time and getting back to me so quick! I am in the USA and will take your advise on going back to my dentist who performed the procedure. I do agree with the ill/stress factors, I did not put this out there, did not want to bore everyone with the fact that, I do have 3 herniated disc in the neck that is pinching my nerves down my hands, shoulders and causing me to grind my teeth at night. So this being said, I have been thinking this could be some of the problem. I am having neck surgery in 2 weeks at “The Laser Spine Institute” in Tampa. (Which do you know anyone who had surgery there or at any of their facilities, in Pittsburg, Pheonix or Tampa, again just throwing that out there for anyone who reads this, please let me know on this also)..everyone must think…I am a
    Anyways, many thanks again for your input and to let you know I really appreciate it. After I go back to my dentist, I follow up with you and tell you what she says!
    Till then take care and be safe..

  18. Thanks so much! Had my temps put in today. I was shaking when we started and for 3 hours after, thinking I had made a huge mistake. I appreciate your comments and hope that I can handle the next 2 weeks!

    • Good luck. It will feel a long time but at the end of it, it will be worth it and you’ll forget all about it.

  19. I’m getting mine done in a week and I plan work the following day.. I do telephone sales. Uh oh. I might’ve planned wrong. Taking a gamble in Las VegasNV thanks for the wealth of info. Great blog!

  20. This was a fab read, I’m having my top 9 teeth veneered, crowned and bridged, petrified!! I’m really not looking forward to it but if the end result looks like yours then I’m sure it will be worth the pain!!

  21. Hi there, your teeth look just fabulous. I have lived for many years with the awareness that my teeth are far from perfect and would love to get veneers done. Please could you let me have the details for your dentist? (I live in London by the way) Many thanks

  22. It appears my dentist forgot to give me the memo on how bloody easy these temporaries stain. In fact, he never said anything about staining, and after a couple of days of eating food with ketchup, chocolate, orange juice, and chocolate milk it appears I now have a light yellow hue to my temporary on my top 8 teeth with 15 days left before my permanent veneers are ready. Embarrassing, to say the least. On a different note, I found it a relief to know that I am not alone in the regret I have felt in this venture! I hate my temporary piece. It is bulky and looks fake (and yellow now, hah). I do hope that I have as much success with my permanent veneers as you have had. As far as my pain, it has been quite minimal–besides the first night of excruciating pain I dealt with for a mere 3-4 hours after the numbness was finally gone. I even went for a midnight run with it near freezing out just 2 nights later with no real discomfort. Thank you for your blog–for it gives me a bit of hope that I will be happy with the final outcome!

  23. Hi I’ve just had a good read, I’ve just had 4 veneers fitted and feel awful
    Absolutely hate them. Like ur first picture you can see the bottom of ur 2 front ones mine are the same which makes me looks goofy. Only I went to turkey to have these done and won’t get back over for them to be fixed. Really regret getting them
    Done now. Also am getting jaw ache’s ;( which I can’t cope with.! Do you know if another dentist can file down my 2 front teeth.? Only these are the real thing not temporys. Please god it can be fixed. All I want is my old smile back

    • Hi. I would imagine any cosmetic dentist would be ale to make aesthetic adjustments, do some research and go and see a couple. Good luck.

  24. Hi
    I had veneers and a bridge done on the top teeth, I loved the temps but when I had the permanent ones fitted I felt as though I had more, bigger teeth than I should, eventually I’ve got used to them but I still have a complex when I smile, they look amazing though and my bestest friends have said they look great, I think its knowing they are veneers and you’ve had work done that makes you maybe dislike them! I bet you look wonderful, steph.

  25. I am day one of my temp veneers and in discomfort. I asked for antibiotics because I had the mouth sores with a crown previously and took precautions. Your story helped me, a nurse, to anticipate the next weeks. I was hoping the swelling and discomfort will only be or 48 hrs or so. I will have to plan for the next week. I took leave from work and I am so glad I did. Must do a 3day training after the permanent veneers. Wishing the time away.

  26. I’ve had my entire mouth done mostly crowns And veneers also some bonding on my back molars. Reading this pretty much captured my experience. I’m so happy with my final result. Glad u are too. Definitely worth the pain.

  27. How is yr bite? I keep going bck to my dentist so he can grind my teeth cause my bite doesn’t feel right and im not sure if it’s because I’m just not use to them and also they r stil sensitive. .? And I dnt want grind to much..The more he guides. .The more my mouth changes…. but also yr teeth must feel normal..and not like they r bothering u and u hve this constant pressure in yr mouth right? I wld appreciate it if u could respond to Mt via email… Thank you…! And yes yr teeth look lovely!!

  28. I have my first consultation for veneers next week. Looking to close gaps and get that perfect smile. I am so nervous, this blog has helped me expect pain/injections, which actually helps me mentally prepare for it. I pray I can have results like yours, they’re beautiful.

  29. Hey,

    I had my temps fitted today and I’ve just been looking at yours and yours look pretty perfect…where as mine are quite lumpy and not neat at all? I know they aren’t supposed to be like the real thing but I am slightly concerned?

    They do look fine at a quoin glance but if you life my gums up they don’t look good at all?


  30. I feel exactly the same as you did, I hide my smile in photos never smile in public and just feel ashamed of my teeth, the feeling when people start talking about teeth makes me feel sick to my stomach because I’m sure in my mind its aimed at me!! I really would give anything to be able to afford veneers but at the moment there’s no way for m to do so as I find it hard to to even go out with my teeth 😦 I’m so glad you have done it and that you are happy with your teeth now. Well done and great blog 🙂

  31. Thank you for writing this! I am on day 8 of my temporaries and have all these questions about getting the permanent veneers in a few days. I don’t feel so alone anymore! LOL. Love your teeth btw.

  32. Wow buddy! I go in Monday for 10 across the top, (it’s Wednesday) and i was really nervous. You blog helped me with my apprehension and i now look forward to the process as the end result will be amazing. Cheers, Dave

    • Hey Dave. Good luck with your veneers next week. Glad the blog helped calm the nerves. All worth it in the end. Bring an ipod!!! Regards.

  33. This is a great blog. After 25 yrs of having veneers, my Dentist had enough. Chipped slightly so I had to cough up the $7500 for 8 top veneers. Originally done from Tetracycline stain as a child. I get my permanent’s on tomorrow. Yay. 2 days into temps, they fell off 10 min before a tennis match. Needless to say, I cancelled and didn’t leave the house til they put them back on the next day. Worst nightmare ever. Very tired of not smiling like usual and jaw not setting right. Oh well. All will be great tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Hi there just on Day five of my temporary veneers , It is so painful , I have been taking pain killers every four hours , but the pain is nagging , Struggling to eat and scared of biting with me front teeth as it hurts so much ….. cutting my food up into tiny pieces , I hope this is normal . Feel really tired and drained with it …

    Trying to be positive three more days to go until I have my real veneers , I hope its all worth it.

    Thank you for some great feedback and good luck everyone with your new teeth .

    Lesley ; }

  35. Your teeth look amazing, but please be aware not everyone is as lucky. You had a great dentist. I wish I never did it.

  36. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together.Such a useful guide in terms of what to expect. I’m having my temps fitted next week and I’m excited but really nervous at the same time. Having 8 veneers on top teeth which are crooked.. The temps will be in for 3 weeks – looks like this will feel like 3 months !

  37. Hi

    I would like to ask you how your teeth were before ? And from 1-10 (10 being the highly recommended) , would you recommend Vaneers ?

    I currently have invaslign and really not happy with the treatment. It’s making me feel unwell and regret soo much having this done. The orthodondist isn’t giving me alternatives even though the treatment isn’t suiting me. I wish I had looked into Vaneers.

    • Hi. If you check he other pages of my blog it gives a lot of details of what my teeth were like before, including pictures.

      I would recommend veneers 100% for me but it depends on the person, your teeth, your finances, you expectations and most importantly, your dentist.

      If you have invisiligne I imagine that crookedness is your problem. If this is the case a brace is much more relevant to your problem than the expensive and invasive ness of veneers. I would say stick it out. Good luck.

  38. Thanks for sharing this info!!! I’m in the very beginning stages of the process. My dentist made a mold of my teeth yesterday that will be used to make my temporary veneers but he is getting ready to go on vacation so he didn’t want to put the temporary in until he returns. I’m so nervous but very excited to start this process. I’m getting 6 veneers to improve the look of my lifelong under bite which I hate. I’m hoping to improve my self esteem. 🙂

  39. Thanks so much for your write up about our experience. I’m due to have my perms fitted in just over a weeks time (8 top, 6 bottom), and I’m seriously having regrets and 2nd thoughts. I’m glad yours went so well, which makes me hope mine will go just as smoothly. I’ve had my temps in for almost 3 weeks now, because I wasn’t happy with the design of the top temps, and had them replaced a few days ago. The technician and my dentist didn’t think I should go ahead with the real fitting until I was happy with the design, and agreed I needed to have a new top temp fitted. My dentist had a hard time getting my temps off, and my upper gums are now really swollen and sore, he’s replaced them with the new temp, but I can see my gums are starting to recede from the battering they received. I’m honestly s**t scared of what my gums will be like once the perms go in, as I may not have any gums by the end of the treatment!!

    • I hope everything has gone well for your perm veneers. It’s good you stopped the process until you were happy, even if you suffered extra pain and more drama in the process. You’ll be grateful in the long run. I hope your gums are healing up.

  40. Thank you so much for this. It is so detailed and was exactly what i went through. I just did my veneer in my upper teeth yesterday and read your post before it, which encouraged me to go ahead and do the permanent ones, after a week of the uncomfortable temporary ones. Now only could I say that I’m happy with the result 🙂

    • Hi Leila. Im sorry for the delayed response. I believe I had B3, two down from whitest white, but it is in the blog somewhere for sure when I wrote it in 2011. Thanks

  41. I am on day 4 of temporary veneers/crowns – 8 on top. My dentist suggested that I be sedated to the extent that I would be for all intents and purposes awake but relaxed as the process of filing teeth and fitting temporaries etc took almost three hours. He took my blood pressure and it was continually monitored by the nurse, then inserted an IV in my arm and injected sedative. I remember him saying ” okay let’s get started” then “great, that’s all done” and nothing else! I had to have a friend collect me and drive me home. I was dopey, almost like someone who was drunk, but I missed out on all the tedious, painful and noisy process. I’ve got the pain and discomfort you mention, and blisters on my tongue so I can’t wait to have permanent veneers fitted. I am supposing I will be sedated again, and quite frankly I’m delighted after reading your blog. I would recommend sedation to anyone having a serious amount of veneers/ crowns fitted.

    • Wow! Wish Id had this option. I would have asked for a two week sedation and to woken up once the final ones were fitted 😉
      Hope you like your veneers.

  42. I had just got my temporary veneers put on about 8 days ago. I have had nothing but problems with these temporary veneers, to the point where I am having such bad anxiety attacks and wishing I never went through with this process. A couple days after they were put on, I was feeling a weird sensation as if they were falling off. I got into the dentist and sure enough they checked my bite with that plastic thing, and after they pulled it out of my mouth to my temporary veneers came along with them. They said oh don’t worry about this this is only temporary cement, temporary cement of them back on again. I still was not feeling right about it but I left the office thinking it’s only temporary so don’t expect much. I started to eat a bowl of cereal the other night as I haven’t been eating in a while, and as I took a bite of cereal, the two temporary veneers I came off in the office came off again. I was so sad and distraught, that I had my mom call the dentist because I was crying so bad. Her and my mom seem to be going back and forth because my dentist does have a really bad attitude problem. I should have never have gone to her. I was able to get into the office the next morning, which was yesterday, for them to do the same thing that they did at the office the previous stay. Today I was eating a hot pocket and is it took a bite, the two veneers again popped off. I am totally at my wits end. This dentist isn’t taking me serious, & I feel like the whole So do you know what I had to do today? I actually had to take the two temporary veneers and super glue them to my teeth. Yes probably not the best thing to do, but when its on the weekends and there is nothing I can get in to what am I supposed to do? I can’t surely walk around without these things to my teeth, being that my teeth hurt so bad because she took so much enamel off. I’m supposed to wait another two weeks to get my permit at 17, but I think I’m going to call in the next few days and find out whens the soonest I can get them. I just hope to god that the permanent one stick because the temporary ones did not!

  43. I just got my permanent veneers fitted yesterday. so far this whole process for me has been a joke, and had I known what the last few weeks was going to be like for me, I would have chose another alternative to get the perfect smile.I didn’t look much up on and veneers what I was actually getting them because I was scared too, although I wish I would have now.I have my 4 top teeth and veneers, & I can honestly say that this has been the worst 3 weeks of my entire life, and that I feel that I have made the biggest mistake of my life.I went to Aspen Dental, which is a chain dentist, which I should have known to stay away from, because my mom has had trouble with them in the past. I did it because I needed to get in somewhere quick because I was grinding the enamel right off my teeth and it was causing me a lot of pain. The dentist suggested that I get veneers, and although what turned me off was the price of them, I felt that it would probably be well worth it and just spent 3000 dollars on them. I was not aware of how much of my original teeth we’re going to get shaved down to barely nothing. The dentist wouldn’t even let me look into a mirror when she was done because she knew I would freak out. My temporaries must have fallen out 5 times before I got my permanent, and has caused me so much anxiety, that I honestly have not been the same for the past few weeks. My poor husband and kids have ha I have actually thought at the age of 30, that if these veneers don’t work for me, I may have to go all the way and get dentures put on my top teeth. I don’t even know what to think about this whole process now, and I’m so disgusted and wish that I can go back in’s only been two days now since I’ve had my permanent veneers in, but I can honestly say that I hate the way they feel in my mouth, and I’m so nervous that they are going to fall off anytime. I also don’t like the way the back of them feel, almost like the wax feeling that I had when the temporaries were in.I advise anybody who is looking into getting veneers, make the smart choice and see if there’s something different that you can do. Because once they shave down your real teeth, you’re pretty much left with nothing.I wish there was something that I can do at this point to get out of this anxiety that I have in this depression from all of this, but I’m stuck with this now and all I can learn to do is live with it and pray and hope that I will start to get used to them.

  44. I couldn’t believe how your description of the process you experienced was exactly how it went for me. I told everyone it was the most intense dental procedure I ever went through. I was totally beat. the only difference is my temporaries were great. she made them in the office out of plastic. I no problem with them at all. although my new veneers(4 upper) look nice I have pain when I bite anything harder than bread and they’re sensitive to hot and cold now. my dentist is trying to resolve the problem, maybe time will help. Doctors don’t like like hearing about information you got from the internet. Your new teeth are beautiful!

    • Hi there. Sorry to hear you are having pain with your veneers – that’s not good. Hope they’ve sorted it out for you.

  45. I really hope I get temporaries tomorrow. My front 2 upper teeth need veneers due to no enamel, I have had veneers previously though, so hopefully the prep work stays the same. If I have to have the other white filling removed and no veneers until my new ones get here, the pain is going to be excruciating.

  46. Thank you so much for this! I am on day 3 of temporary’s – living hell like you said. Thought I was being a complete BABY – and did not want to moan – as for cosmetic reasons at end of the day. My gums are the worst – so so sore and bleeding constantly – and the ulcers! Like you – so conscious not to smile/open my mouth but not only that – just to painful. Unfortunately I have to be like this for 4 weeks as my dentist on holiday after the 2 week wait … am rather worried I can cope with this for 4 x weeks ….loved reading your story … I can relate to all of it. Thank you. Lorriane.

  47. This has made me feel so much better. I have a week of temporary veneers left to go and have had a nightmare with sensitivity, loose veneers and two of them actually pinging off last night resulting in emergency treatment today and two hideous looking replacements which make me look like a hillbilly!
    Glad to see that the pain and sensitivity doesn’t mean there’s anything seriously wrong – phew!

    Roll on Friday for the permanent ones!

  48. I am not sure what would happen if you weren’t happy – you may have temporary teeth fitted again! Nightmare. – I laughed and fking laughed and almost died laughing.

  49. Oh heck, this makes me wanna change my mind about getting my veneers. The whole process described deters me more than two weeks with awful temporaries. So many shots, so much unpleasantness…I reckon they will not allow you to be sedated for it?

    • Hi Michelle, no idea if they allow you to be sedated – that would have been brilliant!! Ask them. Good luck on your road to perfect teeth!

  50. Hello, Thank you for sharing with us, I’m on my day 4 of the temporary veneers, my teeth wasn’t the worse, neither the best, but mostly everyone dreams for a perfect smile, and a nice teeth plays a role in beauty, I tried braces, but I couldn’t handle the pain, beside i was impatient so i took it on my second month hehe, I start regretting the veneers option coz I don’t want to prep/shave my teeth, IT look soo ugly and ..just ugh, but i do love the look of my smile now, the dentist made me choose the shade, and i would like a help. coz i said whitest, but he sugested 020, which is second shade ..its white but there is shade of yellow so it will look natural white smile, but a veneers is life matter i cant change it later which really makes me think a lot, your shade seems ok.. can you help me please ?

  51. I just got my acrylic teeth temp and they sting day and night my doctor said do salt gargles which is not really helping. They gave me no pain killers I m taking ibuorofen myself but the burning sensation and sting feeling is not going away I m on day 2 and have to edit 4 ‘ore days before my next visit

  52. Hi there –
    I just got my temporaries put in and I’m freaking out that they don’t look natural! It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but did the look of the veneers change between the temporaries and permanents? Did the permanents look less blocky?


  53. Hello, thank you so much for all the information. Can you please tell me the name and adress of the dentist you went to? Thank you so much.

  54. Hi, this is wonderful what you’ve documented, your teeth look lovely.
    Please can you let me know the name of your dentist in London as I would like to book a consultation, thank you

  55. Thank you so much for writing this detailed blog. Its 2017 and I googled pretty much everything to see if anyone was going through what I’m going through with temporaries and there are few stories written out there. I am on day 6 with these legos in my mouth. Super depressed. Your blog is invaluable and helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank youuu

  56. OMGosh I am so grateful I found this!!!. I have felt like I wanted to rip these temps out of my mouth ALL DAY!!! Thank you for sharing your experience.

  57. Just want to say thank you for writing this! I’ve just had my teeth cut down and the temporary ones fitted (I also made the mistake of feeling the cut teeth with my tongue) and I’ve been starting to freak out and wonder if I’ve made a mistake. This has made me feel so much better! Xx

  58. Thanks so much for writing this blog. It soooo rocks. My first couple of days weren’t bad and then bam, I started waking up with headaches and going to bed with headaches and my mouth/jaw/teeth hurt. I have even been wearing a thin night guard on my bottom natural teeth so I knew I wasn’t really “grinding” them. But, after reading your blog, I feel 100 times better. I have another two weeks (Thanksgiving holiday kind of hosed the timing up) but I’m excited for the finished product. Again, thanks so much for writing this. There were a couple of things that concerned me like this newfound slight lisp I had with s’s and this article cleared it all up and more!! 🙂

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