Living with veneers: 6 months later

Well, when I was going through the temporary veneers process I never thought I would feel this way. What can I say, when I look back at the old pictures of me with those teeth, the only think I think is – Why the hell didn’t I do this sooner!

If you asked me if I wanted my money back and go back to my old teeth I wouldn’t even need to think about. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made and although paying off the money has been a bit of a pain in the ass over the last 6 months, it has definitely been worth it.

I feel more happy and more confident as a result of my new teeth and that really is priceless. I am much more comfortable in social situations and meeting new people, which has reaffirmed that it wasn’t me or my personality, it was the embarrassment of my teeth. Now I’m like a grinning lunatic in all photos and I know I have the best teeth of anyone I know.

With regards to problems, I honestly haven’t had any, although I’m sure there are people out there who have. My advice is, pick your dentist really, really well and don’t just go for the cheapest one, or the one nearest to your house, or your own regular dentist who says he can do veneers for you. Go to a specialist who comes recommended on websites and media and with whom you feel comfortable.

I have not had any pain with my veneers since the initial taking off of the temporaries. I can floss should I choose to, although I still prefer the water pick. I can eat most foods except apples, even ribs and crusty bread are fine.

Most of all, I am just happy to be smiling and in the end everything – the money and pain – were, for me, entirely worth it. As you can see!!


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  1. Your teeth look so, so lovely and natural. Could you please let me know who your dentist was? Personal recommendations are so much better to consider than anonymous testimonials. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

  2. Hi there.
    I have something important to ask you: did you notice changes in your speech?
    I got 4 porcelain veneers on my upper frontal teeth, and I am very satisfied with all the results, except for one thing that bothers me VERY much: the speech. the sound of S makes me go crazy.. it has a kind of a whistle.. it sounds like glass. I can make some whistling sounds (If I force it) that I couldn’t in the past. I even went to another dentist and had my veneers re-done because of this.. we tried temporaries of composite, of acrilic resin, we made it short, long, thin, thick.. and no changes at all. still the same thing. The sound of “th” also sounds a bit weird and sometimes words ending in T, like “that”.
    Did it happen to you? If so, how did you solve it? thank you

    • Hi. I noticed a difference with my temp veneers but not the final. Sounds like your teeth are too close together and you need a little (very slim) gap to be made, so that air can flow more easily. This was the problem with my temp veneers but I had this abrasive filing process between each tooth on the final veneers to make a small gap for flossing and speech etc. Hope you get it sorted. Regards, Danielle

  3. I’m in the middle of the veneer process right now. I have my temps on until next Thursday. It helped me SOOO MUCH to read your blog. Thank you!! And the pictures helped as well. Your teeth look beautiful!! I’m so excited for the end result. I had 9 upper teeth done. Again, you have no idea how much this has helped me. Take care! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi there, great blog what a help, and an amazing end result, please could you let me know who your dentist was that did these for you?

  5. πŸ™‚

    Hi, Claire I thought your teeth were absolutely wonderful. could you please let me know who was the dentist that did your veneers for you please. Thank you very much!
    Keep smiling!

  6. I just got mu final vaneers and I like them the only problem im still having is some of my words like s and f, th words. I had this problem with the temps but I thought its just the temps. How long does this last …help.

    • Hi Jennifer. I had this problem with my temps but not the final veneers. I would think that this is down to not having enough of a gap created between the teeth for the air to flow through when you talk, or possibly even too much of a gap (although I am no expert). I would go back to the dentist and discuss this with them. Don’t put up with it. As far as I have experienced, other than the excess bonding gradually wearing down/ breaking off, the physical teeth don’t change so your problem will continue if you don’t get it corrected. If your dentist doesn’t help, get in touch again and I will give you my dentist’s contact details. Hope you get it sorted.

  7. Thanks for your blog. I’ve been considering veneers for some time. Could you let me know the name of your dentist please?

  8. Hey! I am getting my braces off soon and since I have uneven teeth,like little chipped especially the front ones makes my smile really worse.My ortho told me that I must get veneers but I am afraid if I have to replace them after few years and what If I bite on hard and it comes off.My questionto you is how long will veneers actually last and how often should I need to get them replaced and since there is enamel loss in it,doesn’t it affect your original teeth in long run.I am so confused right now on whether to get veneers done or not.If yes,then how far is it safe?Please help me!

    • Hi Rida. Thanks for your comment. I guess the question is – are you really that bothered about the little chips on your teeth or not? If you’ve gone to all the trouble of having a brace to get them straightened, it sounds like your teeth can’t be that bad. It was almost pointless having the brace if you end up getting veneers, because they can shape the veneers and straighten up your smile exactly as you want.

      If I were in your position I would just take some time out and have a good think before you make any decision. Do not rush in to anything. No one is pressuring you to decide right away (I hope).

      If you go down the veneers route they will take the enamel off from the front , bottom and sides of all the teeth getting veneers, so your teeth will never be the same. If this bothers you, it sounds like your teeth are not that bad in the first place, because if they were bad, you would be happy to lose the enamel to improve them – so Im guessing yours aren’t that bad.

      Also, as a rule, it is assumed veneers last approx 15 years, so every 15 years you will likely have to have them redone.

      The veneers don’t come off if you bite down hard, that is one thing you don’t have to worry about. They are cemented on. After a month or so they feel exactly like your old teeth and you’ll forget you ever had them done.

      But, only get them done if you actually need to. If you can live with your real teeth – do! There is no point paying all that money and going through the whole process if you don’t really need to.

      I hope you work something out. Take care.

  9. I got 6 veneers and it changed my life, a big gap in the front teeth and was treated like lower socio economic has been. Veneers went on and all of a sudden I got promoted, told how amazing I was etc, Could not believe it! But they are not like my own, lamentable, my top lip does not slide over as easily as my own and the S ‘s and F’s that sound like V is sometimes driving me insane! No bottom veneers, he said he could not do them.

  10. Hi, I’m considering getting veneers and also gum graft as my gums are receding. I found your blog really helpful! Could you please give me the name of your dentist? Thanks very much!

  11. Great blog- laughed & laughed some more at the ordeal & how funny you made it sound. I don’t know how you did it- well worth it though, I can’t believe how amazing your teeth look. And yep, you guessed it, will you pm the name of the dentist. Thanks.

    • Hi Jason. Thanks very much for the comment, I love my new teeth! I have PMd you the details of the dentist I used. Thanks.

    • Hi. Yes there is a page dedicated to it called before and after, in the ‘my experience’ section. Can’t face looking at them myself! Hideous. Thanks.

  12. Hi Danielle! What an amazing blog, that has answered so many questions I had- with fantastic results! Did your dentist give you any inclination on what would happen if you didn’t like your final veneers? Or was there more than one opportunity to make sure you liked the shape/colour/length etc? This is the only thing panicking me about getting veneers as I am so conscious of how my teeth look, I just don’t want to still not be happy with them at the end! And like everyone else, I would love the name of your dentist and the clinic. Thank you in Advance!

    • Hi. I designed the shape of the teeth with the dentist using photoshop and pics taken of my smile at a very early appointment. I told the dentist exactly how I wanted them to be. When the dentist created them to the ‘optimum’ perfection (in the dentists’ eyes), I then changed the length and width and the gaps between them and the shape of the canines – to suit me.

      When you are fitted with your temps, these are a pretty good indication of shape – you should shout at this point if you don’t like them so the dentist can make the adjustments. When I was having the final veneers fitted, the dentist placed them over my teeth (without the bonding/glue) and asked if I was happy – BEFORE bonding them. I assume at that point, if I wasn’t happy we would have had to do something else. Maybe the dentist had a back up set of temps to temporarily bond back on until the final veneers were amended. I couldn’t say for sure – but you should ask.

      I have PMd you the details of my dentist as requested. If you do go there, I know the dentist will be very accomodating about discussing all your queries (as I had millions). Make sure you ask about what stages you can make changes and be very thorough about your requirements in your mock up. Remember, where ever you go, nothing has to proceed until you are 100% happy. I was very very picky about the shape and look of my veneers – this is not new for dentists. Just be sure to speak up and say what you want. Good luck.

  13. Hi , thank you for sharing your experience. I’m considering getting veneers and I was wondering if you could tell me your dentist details? Thank you

      • Hi,
        This blog has given me so much information and guidance on the whole process of getting veneers. Your teeth look amazing and by giving a first hand account of your experience we now all know what is to be expected. Could you please give me the details of your dentist??
        Many thanks

  14. Need help. Love my veneers…pain for 3 months in ear, jaw and back of head. Been back to dentist 4 times and going again next week. Driving me crazy! Has anyone had this experience?

    • Hi. Is your jaw misaligned? Sounds possible…have you been to any other specialists? Suggest you get a second opinion and have some xrays etc.

    • Omg….I am experiencing the same problem now! I have had my permanents on for one month. My ear hurts, my jaw is sore and when I eat something cold or hot it leaves my teeth sore! Can anyone relate??

      • Oh dear. I hope you’ve managed to get this sorted, this is not what you want for the real thing. I could cope with it for two weeks but any longer I would have ripped my own teeth out. Fingers crossed all is now ok.

  15. Hi! Could I have the details of you dentist please? Your teeth look crazy amazing. I’m really thinking about getting veneers but I can’t help feeling a little worried. Love the blog, helped me out with a lot of my unanswered questions so thank you!

  16. Honey… I just started the process. I only happened upon your blog because I’m in pain and these thick clunky temporaries was making me wonder if I was crazy to do this to begin. When I read your complete blog It made me relax so much. I felt as if you were blogging my experience step by step for the first 3 days but it made me hopeful for the next couple of weeks. Thanks so much for sharing and please know that this blog is yet helping others. I’m looking forward to the final result and red meat. LOL

  17. Such a helpful account of your experience. You tell it as it is with no daisies added but with good humour. I would be very grateful if you could pm the details of the dentist, your teeth look fabulous.

  18. I have had my veneers for a week now. My teeth feel achy but I wouldn’t say I’m in pain and they aren’t super sensitive. Did you experience this? I’m praying that the tooth just needs some time to settle!

    • Hi Kate. Mine personally were ok, probably just a little fragile. Give it a couple of weeks and hopefully everything will subside.

    • Hi. Mine were personally ok, probably just a little fragile after all the work. Give it a couple of weeks and hopefully things will subside.

  19. Hello and thank you for the terrific blog which has really answered so many questions I had about veneers. I am in London and I would be so grateful for the name of your dentist – he sounds like he’d be great with a very nervous patient, if you are able to pass on his details, I’m at chriscourt2 at
    You’ve ended up with teeth that look perfect – but more important than that, they look natural! Thanks again for a really informative read.

  20. Hi, i’m considering getting veneers and have had a consultation and a mock up but i’m unhappy with the dentist as he didn’t seem to be happy with all of my questions! Can you please let me know who was your dentist? Thanks

  21. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m in my late 40s and I feel it’s time to do this. My teeth are becoming more and more discolored as I’m getting older and now it seems I’m very uncomfortable with my smile. I’m going to research it and find a dentist who specializes in cosmedic dentistry as you have suggested. The internet is a key resource. Then, I’m going for it. Each year I make a major investment in myself. Veneers are my next journey. πŸ™‚ I’ve had a tummy tuck last year and I’m really not happy with it as I thought I would be. But I’m going to leave that alone for another year and work on my mouth and weight. We shall see how this all works out. Thanks again

  22. Wow love your blog and your teeth! It’s really helpful! I’m doing my mock up tmr and I’m extremely nervous!!! Can you tell me what shade veneers you got? Do you have problems with sensitivity when drinking or eating hot or cold stuff now?

    • Hey. Good luck in your mock up. I had b3 i think, third whitest, not too white, but whiter than normal. I don’t have any sensitivity now except when I’m ill, then my whole jaw and all the nerves seem unusually sensitive which they never did before. Hope everything goes well.

  23. Hi, your teeth look so amazing! I have had trouble finding a good dentist and your one did an amazing job, could you please let me know the details of your dentist?

  24. Hello again πŸ™‚ I left you a comment last August and we communicated for a while via email. I wanted to ask you some more questions as it’s getting closer to the time that I get my own veneers, but I have no idea how to PM you (I only made an account here to talk to you and have no idea how to use the website)!

    • Hi there! I’ve currently got my tempories on so if you haven’t been able to make contact yet I’m happy for you to contact me!x

  25. Hi there!
    I just wanted to say a huge thanks for taking the time for keeping this diary for people to read!! I am 1 week (halfway thank god!) in to my temporary veneers! Your blog has been my bible before and after I started the dental work! I am just counting down the days until Friday when I get my real ones fitted as I’m still having jaw ache and like you said not pain but constant discomfort really! Your teeth look AMAZING so here’s hoping mine will too!! Thanks again for all your info!! πŸ™‚ xx

  26. Hi
    I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch I need to get some porcelain veneers and think yours look great. Would you mind telling me where you got them done?


      • Hi there I am in the process or contacting dentists about my teeth and the prices you are quoting sound familiar can you let me no where you had yours done please they look fantastic! I am so nervous as I don’t personally no anyone who has had them. Thanks

  27. Your blog makes me feel better about fixing my less than perfect too. I used to like my teeth. The shape was good I just wished they were a little whiter. The only thing I hated was one of my front teeth had come in when I was younger with white spots on it which is quite noticeable in pictures. Anyway I planned on fixing it someday but it wasn’t pressing. To cut to the chase I chipped my front tooth this weekend, my worst nightmare. Naturally it was the front tooth without the white spots on it. I have a temporary fix right now but now I feel so embarrassed by my teeth. You can tell the temporary tooth has a patch to it and the white spots on my other tooth are more noticeable than ever. I have been struggling to talk to anyone at work this past week, I have never been more embarrassed. I haven’t talked to my dentist yet about my options but I want to be as best educated for my next appointment as possible. Would you know if veneers would be a good option on maybe the front two or four teeth. It seems you’ve done your research and your right there aren’t many resources online. I like my teeth except I now despise the front two and after this ordeal I would like to have better teeth than I started with. Any help is much appreciated!

    • Hi there. I definitely cant advise you as i am only experienced in my exact case. I can recommend my dentist for a consultation (but my dentist charges for this where as some don’t) and i can PM you the details if you would like, but i wouldn’t like to comment on your situation as i am no expert. Im sorry i cant be of more help and i hope you get your situation sorted so you can smile with confidence again πŸ™‚

  28. Thank you for sharing your experience with veneers! I just got back from my dentist after the initial drilling snd impressions and now i have temporary veneers. I hated them, they look bug and fake, I regretted it and I was so distraught that I couldn’t change it back to my normal teeth. I found your story and it gave me so much relief that in the end I’ll realise I made the right decision. The swelling has come down now and they don’t look so bad, now I have 14 days of the temporary veneers diet to look forward to.
    Again thank you for sharing your story.

  29. I got my temporaries today and I look horrendously horsey. Two and half weeks to go until I get my veneers, which I’m sure will be lovely. (Your blog has been so helpful, btw.) A question about your shade choice: did you have just one colour for all the teeth or did your dentist encourage you to have a kind of brownish-to-white (brownish near the gumline, white thereafter) gradient, as so many natural teeth do?

    • Hi there. Sorry for the delayed response. Mine are not graduated in colour from what i can see, slightly translucenty to look realistic but no variation in colour. Hope you like your final result πŸ™‚

  30. Love your blog. I need vaneers on the front 4 teeth. Could you please share your dentist details. Thank you.

  31. Amaaaaazing blog! Thank you.. I’ve spent three days reading to go through it carefully, I’m so scared despite getting only my upper front 2 teeth done, but I guess those are the most important two 😦
    I am afraid I break them or could they fall or something … Sensitivity is another issue,,, ur blog has been assuring,
    Ur teeth look amazing surely just like their owner ❀

  32. Amaaaaazing blog! Thank you.. I’ve spent three days reading to go through it carefully, I’m so scared despite getting only my upper front 2 teeth done, but I guess those are the most important two 😦
    I am afraid I break them or could they fall or something … Sensitivity is another issue,,, ur blog has been assuring,
    Ur teeth look amazing surely just like their owner ❀ thanks again

  33. Just another reader wanting to say thank you for sharing your experience. My first appointment to get my temporaries is in a few days and I am absolutely terrified/sick to my stomach with stress. Like you, I didn’t really know what to expect… but now I do. I just spent an hour reading your blog— and was in tears for the entirety of it. Thank you for the insight. If you can do it, so can I.

  34. Very helpful blog and your teeth look great. Could I get the contact info for your dentist as well as the shade of your veneers? Thank you.

    • Hi. I will PM you the details. From memory i think the shade was B3. But basically it was the third whitest. Thanks

  35. Hi, I have wanted veneers for years now and I’m still not sure weather to get them. I no they have different types… Porcelain etc.. Which type do you have? My teeth are not horrendous but I always hide them and I will never take a picture of me smiling which makes me constantly look miserable. I’m not worried about the pain to much as it’s something iv wanted to for ages. Could you please let me know where you had you veneers done and how much per tooth? Thanks

    • Hi. I will PM you the details of the dentist i used. The cost is listed on my blog if you have a flip through the pages. My veneers are porcelain and i have had them for four years now, with no problems other than me clenching my jaw too much, which is not good for them. Good luck if you get yours done, Im sure you wont regret it.

      • Your teeth look lovely! Could I ask you to PM me the name if your dentist as I’m currently building up the courage to have mine done before my wedding next year…

  36. Hi. Is your color B3 or BL3. Just had my temps put in on saturday. They are absolutely disgusting looking and feeling. I love your teeth. I am going to take a picture of your teeth and show them to my dentist and tell him this is how I want mine to look. Thanks for the pictures. You look amazing!!!

  37. Wow, thank you for making this blog. I feel much more at ease after learning about your experiences and others. Please share who’s your dentist. Thx.

  38. Hi! I’m not even sure if you still read these comments but this blog has truly helped me from my anxiety and regret I’ve been feeling! I have 4 temps on until Tuesday and my dentist has continued to reassure me I’ll love the finals but the temps make it tough at times! Thank you for sharing your experience! I truly appreciate it!

    • Hi there! I do indeed still read comments people leave. I’m so glad the blog helped you, there’s not a lot of info out there for us. Good luck with perm veneers, I hope you love them as much as I love mine πŸ™‚

  39. Hi!

    Really loved the step-by-step walkthrough of your experience with your veneers. Could you let me know which dentist you used?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  40. Hello, thank you so much for writing the blog. I have been thinking about veneers for the past 3 years and have never really found a dentist able to answer all the questions I had about them – your blog has! Can I please ask who did the work on your teeth? I would love to have a consultation with him.

    • Hi Sophie. I can’t seem to private message you as there is no email address associated with your post. If you can post your email I will send on the details. Thanks πŸ™‚

  41. You are too funny! I too wanted to rip the temps out and even went as far as clipping off a piece of acrylic with nail trimmers due to how badly my gums were throbbing!! I keep saying it feels like my gums have a migraine… I initially hated my life and wished i had just stopped at the bonding he placed on my teeth. I have not yet had the permanents put on but you have given me hope! I took pictures as he did the WHOLE procedure and its pretty nuts to look at but im glad i decided to get veneers!!

    • Hope everything has gone well. Well done on the photo taking. I was a severe state of fear and panic to lift anything during mine… πŸ™‚

  42. Hello! Fantastic blog and very informative, thank you! Can I ask where you got your veneers done? Was it with The Hospital Group? You mentioned a few different places where you had consultations, but I couldn’t see where you said which place you finally decided to get them done with. Many thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi James. I don’t give the info out on the blog because this is my independent personal experience and I do not want to be affiliated with a dentist or to be used as private promotion. If people want to know the dentist I used and ask me directly, then I send them a private message with the details, which I have just done for you πŸ™‚

  43. Can’t wait to have the real ones, still 10 days to go..
    My temporary veneers makes me look like a horse and it’s hard for me to eat..
    And I know exactly how you feel, in my case I’m doing for 14, feel soooo horrible πŸ˜₯

    • Hi there. Thanks for the message Hope everything went well with your veneers (sorry for the late response) πŸ™‚

  44. Hi,
    Your smile looks amazing, but I truly feel you will one day regret this decision, especially when you are in need of a second or third set. Veneers only last about 15 years tops, even the most expensive, top of the line veneers. They will tarnish, worse than natural teeth will ever. Unlike natural teeth, you can’t bleach or realign veneers. I first got veneers when I was only 18 for vanity reasons… small-sized, small gaps, crooked teeth. The second set of veneers were needed at 35 due to the discoloration and trauma. All of my teeth feel loose like they could fall out. Each time a new set of veneers are placed, more and more tooth structure is removed. The discomfort and sensitivity with each new set gets worse. I hate seeing dentists advertise veneers, especially without forewarning their patients of the long-term effects. Your natural teeth serve two purposes: to eat and speak. There are so many less inexpensive HEALTHY options to improve a smile that patients should consider before choosing veneers such as gum contouring, bleaching and definitely braces. You have one set of teeth… take care of them, don’t shave them down to nubs for FAKE teeth. Trust me, I lived the regrettable experience. At first, I thought I made a sound decision to improve my confidence by “fixing” my smile when I was younger. But now that I’m older, I realize this was just a costly horrible mistake that I can’t reverse. My teeth might look “pretty” but feeling like they are loose and fragile. I’m pretty sure I will need implants when my third set is needed. Awful decision!

    • That was your experience, it’s not everyone’s. Her teeth had spots on them- gum contouring, bleaching and braces definitely couldn’t fix them. They had to be covered up. As for me, I’m going to get them because I’m definitely not going through braces just to have to wear a retainer forever. I have issues with food- an eating disorder if you will. I am not allowed to lose weight. I cannot eat big portions and sometimes I have to make myself eat, what helps is eating what I want which in braces you cannot because certain food is banned and well your teeth hurt. Sometimes I won’t eat because I cannot be bothered, if my teeth hurt, I could only eat certain things and food would always stick in the hardware, I definitely would have a reason not to. I don’t need to make eating more cumbersome for myself for two years with an eating disorder already! Yes, even in the invisible aligners cut into your diet because you need to limit how often you eat. So if I went and got braces I would probably put my PHYSICAL health in danger. The few weeks it takes with veneers my body could take my eating very little but for two years? Nope. And with a retainer for life or the teeth shift again, well I shall never sleep again if I had to sleep with one. So I get to either live with my awful smile or get veneers. At least with veneers it’s a few weeks of agony and then you get 10 years of living as you did before, with beautiful teeth without the permanent and removable retainer mess. My mother has had veneers when she was young and hers lasted a whole 30 years. They were replaced a few years ago and none of what you describe happened to her. She doesn’t think she made a mistake and has no discomfort with her veneers. Veneers now aren’t exactly like what you first had anyway. There are even no prep veneers which don’t require shaving down and cause minimal enamel loss. Some people get veneers AFTER braces because they have discolorations or teeth that just aren’t pleasing to the eye even if straight. The small size of yours braces would have done squat for. I did my research and braces can hurt your teeth and their roots also. It’s a long and painful process and none of us know how long we got left. Maybe I won’t even live to need a veneer replacement, and wouldn’t I have wished to live with nice teeth for that time. And even if I get another seventy years, there are constant advances in technologies. Just look at all we can do now that we could not forty years. No reason I couldn’t keep my teeth all my life with veneers. And if not, then come what may and I know they were beautiful and gave me confidence for many years.

      • Hi Michelle. I echo your response, its up to each person whats best for them and I100% don’t regret my decision because they have allowed me to live my life, each and every day, not even THINKING about my teeth. Where as my life before veneers was consumed by hatred and embarrassment for them. Everything that happened; meeting new people, relationships, work, photos, i considered my teeth and felt negativity and shame, now, its not even in my mind, ever. It is so freeing.

        But thats my personal experience and not everyones. And, i have been very lucky with mine and don’t have any problems with them, and haven’t done since the perm ones were fitted. I guess if id had problems with sensitivity or pain, i may have regretted them, but for me, 15 years of freedom from thinking about my teeth is well worth it. Id do it again in a heart beat – so long as i got my exact experience again πŸ˜‰

  45. What a fantastic blog !! I wish I had found this earlier. I had my teeth done last year all my life, 54 years, I have had problems as a child I always ended up having them filled when I went for my checkup. finally I was able to afford to do something and had a total of 14 teeth done. The description you wrote about the temporary teeth was spot on, I had over the years had a lot of teeth removed and to fill in those gaps I have a set of dentures, the all singing flexible ones, which I do wear but not as much as I should, the only problems I have had are that now some five months since I ended treatment they are slightly sensitive, which is nothing new to me as this has been a life long problem, it is better but every now and then they twinge when eating/drinking . The biggest issue for me is a loss of taste, not a total one but enough to stop me bothering to eat certain foods, I love the look of my teeth and have comments from people who don’t know they aren’t real and I too smile like a lunatic. Your blog should be published and handed out to everyone who even thinks about doing it, it should be in every dentist surgery that offers this treatment , send a copy to the British dental association, it’s the best thing I have read and trust me I have read a mountain of information. Good luck to everyone brave enough to do this.

    • Hi. Can you send me your email address please and Ill PM you the details of the dentist who did my veneers. Thanks πŸ™‚

  46. Really great blog!
    I had my veneers done by the same dentist 18 years ago and again 18 months ago! He has a very long experience in the industry and it really shows. The result is fantastic and the skill he has to find the right shape and look for each smile is an art form… I also highly recommend this treatment.
    P.S. I didn’t have the same issues with the temp veneers stage. I was very careful not to eat highly coloured food but I didn’t have the pain that others have had! I guess like with all procedures it’s a very personal thing and people react differently.
    Best of luck to anyone going ahead. I’m delighted with mine x

    • I loved reading your blog. I have already been for two consultations but both dentists have not convinced me. One took several X-rays and photos and thinks I should have braces before (my teeth are quite straight) the other just wanted to go ahead (no xrays). Both have treated celebrities. I’m so confused. Would you kindly share the details of your dentist with me? Thank you!

  47. Hi, your teeth look amazing, youre so brave to go through with this procedure. Hve the veneers created any more problems ever since?
    And could you please tell me the name and details of your dentist?:) thankyou xx

  48. Hi Danielle, This has to be the most informative article I have ready to date. It has given me a great insight in to the process. Could you please PM me the details of where you went, I too went to the place which made you feel rushed for a consultation and do not wish to have another consultation like it. Your teeth are beautiful btw! Thanks in advance, Sarah πŸ™‚

  49. They look great….I’m on the Third day of my temps…our first 3 days were exactly alike…wanting to rip them out with my bare hands etc etc…I’m having every tooth done…28. Ughhh

  50. Hi
    Like many others I would really appreciate the name of your dentist/practice. I have had a veneer fitted to replace a much loved but recently chipped front tooth veneer. What a botched job I’ve had from a dentist who has been in practice many years. The veneer is totally the wrong colour, looks and is too thick and too large, horse comes to mind! So a weeks wage down the drain and now I’m on the hunt for a competent and sympathetic cosmetic dentist – hang the expense, hopefully I’ll be able to smile through it all!

  51. I read this from beginning to end. Thank you so much for making the time to write this up. This is extremely helpful and so detailed!
    I am having second thoughts about my dentist. Currently I am on Invisalign to straighten my teeth so I still roughly have 6 months before the veneer process begins. He is a veneer specialist but he gives off impatient and overconfident vibes 😦 I am reconsidering whether I should change dentists for the veneers…

    • Hi Elle,

      I had a brace first with another dentist. They had a Veneers β€˜specialist’ but he was the same as your experience – impatient, over confident and also wouldn’t discuss the colour with me but was going to make the decision about the colour.

      I used the same dentist as this blog and I’m really happy.

      Best of luck

  52. So glad you made this blog! I was in anguish when I first got my temporaries, sitting in front of the computer in tears finding horror stories about veneers gone wrong and thinking oh god what have I done? My dentist had barely given me any info other than not to bite into anything with my front teeth. I felt like Frankenstein’s monster, and I was having nightmares every night. Your temporary veneers diary really, really helped. I’ve had temporaries for a month now and they’re driving me crazy, but I get my porcelains in two days. I’ve been so paranoid that they’re going to fall off, but they’ve held up really well. (I’m in Australia, and I think maybe the process takes longer here because they’re made overseas; mine are being made in Madrid.)
    Like you, I found that the dentist didn’t really explain the process properly and I’m still quite horrified by this: I didn’t know how intense and invasive the filing process was, and I didn’t even know I’d have to wear a plate of temporaries and not be able to bite anything. They told me they’d only need to take a small amount of enamel off the front, but that’s not the case at all! I don’t think I would have gone through with it if I’d known the full extent of the tooth reduction. My dentist is lovely, but she deceptively made it out to be a simple and only slightly invasive process.
    My original teeth were ok but I had a gap in the middle, different lengths across the front and one almost imperceptibly darker than the others. I very rarely smiled with my teeth showing, and when I did, I always tried to cover the bottom of my teeth with my lower lip. I’m a performer, and a photographer shooting my profile shots once taught me to smile like this for more flattering photos because I never smiled in photos. I’ve always felt a bit ridiculous having to smile on stage with my stupid teeth. When I started to consider veneers, a lot of people tried to tell me not to get them, not because of the permanency or risks involved, but because they felt that my teeth gave my face “character” and that’s what made me “me”. To be honest, I found this pretty offensive; I think that’s what made me really want to get them!
    I’m glad I’ve done it – I think! – because even with the temps I feel like people have been treating me differently, taking me more seriously. Like Tina, above, I feel like I’ve finally escaped the low socio economic status that my gappy teeth had relegated me to, even after years of poorly executed orthodontic work in my teens (I’m in my mid-late 30s now). Now I just really hope they don’t break!

  53. Thanks so much for this blog I am thinking getting veneers and this is useful. Could I ask who you used. They look amazing. Would also be interested in how they look now. Thanks again for the detailed post!

  54. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated reading your blog. I had my temporary veneers fitted today and am lying awake at 2.30 in the morning thinking, β€œWhat have I done?” It was a relief to find that I wasn’t the only one shocked by the process- far more invasive and uncomfortable than I was led to believe. I feel as if I can’t talk, I look as if I am wearing my Dad’s false teeth and there is a constant ache. So comforted to know it gets better and will be worth it. Thank you!!

  55. Reading ur blog has really helped me!! Iv only had my upper 2 front teeth done! Have had temps on for 3 days, was really worried about the sensitivity but uv made me relax and not worry! Ur teeth look amazing xx

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