First Appointment: Consultation

I booked my initial consultation over the phone for Tuesday 28th June 2011 at a cost of £75 for 1 hour.

I advised the lady on the phone of all my worries, the experience at my previous dentist and how that had made me feel.

I said I was very concerned that my bite be unaffected by the treatment and that I was keen to find someone who would take time with me. Someone who would listen to what I wanted and would tailor the experience to my requirements. I did not want a one size fits all package. I definitely did not want the same boxy, characterless teeth as all the celebrities or those idiots from The Only Way is Essex.

The lady on the phone advised me that I should go with a particular dentist over the other, as he would best suit my needs (what she probably meant was my fiery temperament and general intolerence). I was happy with this decision after what I had read about him from his other patients, as well as general information on the internet.

I went alone to the consultation. The receptionist at the clinic was really friendly and made me feel quite at ease. She was the same lady from on the phone.

The dentist came down to the reception to greet me personally rather than making me wander aimlessly to find his room, which I thought was nice. We had a general chat. He asked about my previous experience with the other dentist and asked me what I wanted, what was important to me. I liked that he took the time to ask this and understand what I needed as an individual (although I assume phone lady had pre-warned him).

I advised that I wanted an input in to how the teeth would look; I did not want an ‘off the shelf’ smile. I wanted them to look realistic. I didn’t want to draw massive attention to my new teeth and have people ask about them, particularly when I have actively avoided talking about my teeth for the last 28 years!

I advised that I was very worried and that I didn’t want to trade one problem – which was essentially vanity and cosmetic – for a more serious problem which could cause me pain. In particular, my worry is/ has always been about my bite.

I asked him about the possibility of any bite issues and any increased sensitivity, as I had read about both on the internet. He reassured me this would not happen and not to beleive everything I read. I wasn’t convinced but liked his confidence 😉

The dentist handed me a mirror, asked me to smile and we talked about each tooth. He asked me how many veneers I thought I needed and did not pressure me in to a figure. We decided on 10 at the top, although I could have got away with 8 if I had chosen to. In for a penny…

The dentist asked me about the shape of my current teeth and their positioning and what I thought about them. I had been so concerned about my fluorosis/discolouration that I had never really paid much attention to any of the other issues. He said my teeth were very square and that optimally, teeth should be 100% long by 75%wide – more of a rectangle shape. I’d never even considered this before.

We talked in-depth about the size and shape of the new veneers and the dentist mocked up a digital version of my new teeth on his computer from a photo he took of me smiling. We adjusted the image until I was happy because at first I thought they were too wide and then too long. Not all dentists offer this but it is advantageous to see a ‘before and after’ mock up before you sign up to anything.

This dentist was a lot more reasonably priced than the first dentist I saw and when he asked about my bottom teeth, I decided that as I could afford to, I would do these too.

I opted for the bottom 6 in addition to the top 10 teeth. I negotiated about £1,000 off the price and so my final quote was for £10,050. This included all the impressions, gum reshaping on 3 teeth and the temporaries, in addition to the 16 veneers. There were no extra costs.  My discount was on the condition I began treatment by the end of the month. I thought about it overnight and signed up for my impressions to be taken a week later on Tues 5th July 2011.

At this stage you should:

  • Ask to see previous work carried out by your dentist
  • Ask about any hidden costs. Does the quote definitely cover everything?
  • Ask if the work is guaranteed. If so, for how long? Get it in writing. If a veneer breaks in the guaranteed time, are you given a replacement veneer for free under any circumstance? Ask if you get a discount on replacements after the guarantee is up – get that in writing too!
  • Tell the dentist about any known dental issues – sensitivity, grinding, clenching etc. This may affect whether you can/should have veneers at this stage. Teeth grinders are not good candidates for veneers.
  • If you have any issues like cavities or gum problems, the dentist should 100% fix these before fitting new veneers as this will only mask the problem, not fix it and will cost you more money and pain in the long run.
  • If you don’t like needles, ask if they use a numbing spray first
  • Ask how long you need to wait between the temporary and final veneers if you have not been told

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40 thoughts on “First Appointment: Consultation

  1. Hi! Just found your Blog yesterday. I am so glad you share your experience with me. It is the only really informative side i could find. Thank you very much for your frankness!
    Can i ask for a before Photo? I’m just planing to get veneers. But first i have to get done 3 jobs on my teeth before i could Start. I have 3 Lost teeth Too. Could i send you a picture of my Front teeth to have a look if i should so veneers?

    Your new smile is really geourgous, your teeth Look oberwhelming but also natural!!

    Best regards

    • Hi. Thanks for your message, glad it has helped you. There are some of my before and after pics later in the blog, check the right hand column for ‘before and after’. Good luck getting your new teeth. Take care.

    • Hi. Thanks for your message. I really wouldn’t want to advise you whether you need veneers, you’ll have to see a professional if you’re not sure. If you have missing teeth and want these spaces filling, I think you need implants for this – but again, I am no expert! There should be some of my before photos on my blog, I think I have a page called before and after towards the end. I hope you get the smile you want in the end.

  2. Could you please advise which dentist you originally went with as I have an appointment with the Havistock Hill place next week and not sure I should go ahead with it after reading your blog. Look forward to hearing from you beth

    • Hi Beth. I have PMd you the details of my dentist. The original dentist I went to was very good by all accounts and is very reputable for doing high profile stars (was the dentist for Xfactor I believe) – it just wasn’t right for me personally. They did Carol Vorderman’s veneers too – if that’s any help. It’s whatever you feel right with at the end of the day. Good luck.

  3. Hi there,
    Your teeth look AMAZING! I have trawled through the internet for hours and hours looking for a first hand independent report like this, that’s not connected to any dentist website. I wish more people would do this! I also live in the UK, and wondered if you could possibly PM me your dentist who carried out your work (sorry, i know you must get asked this a lot!). I have short listed a few, curious to see if your dentist is one of them!
    Thanks so much!

  4. Very informative post – I would just like to add that dentists should not “guarantee” anything, as we cannot promise a timeline on the work. The longevity of the work depends upon the dentist, the dental lab making the veneers, and the patient doing his/her job. I would be suspicious of any “guarantees”. Very glad you had a good experience!

  5. Hi, thank you for your blog. Makes a change from the generic cosmetic dentistry sites. I’ve been to two cosmetic dentists. Each charged me £75 for the consultation, but I walked away from each one with doubts. They seemed so casual about doing another few teeth here and there and bumping up the price. It’s really hard to know which dentist is really good and trustworthy. I still want veneers. Could you send me the details of your dentist. Thanks

  6. I’ve just stumbled across this blog and read every section, it’s a great read. I’ve been thinking about veneers for many years and, like you, I was concerned about the generic ‘block of false teeth’ look. But your teeth look amazing and so natural.
    I’ve been researching dentists for a while but I’ve still not found one I’m 100% confident with. Would you mind letting me know who your dentist was?
    Thank you

  7. hi, sorry to ask ..but are you happy to recommend your dentist to me? You have given me so much confidence, after nearly 35 years!!

  8. Hi, thank you for posting your story, it’s been really helpful for me as I am considering the same procedure. Would it be possible for you to send me the details of the dentist you used? It would be much appreciated as I am on a limited budget and this sounded reasonable considering some of the prices you can pay

    • Hi there. Ive PMd you the details. Hopefully you can sort something in your budget. I find these things are usually pretty flexible if you can offer up front payment! Not always possible though, i know. Good luck.

    • Hi there. The tooth had the back/point filed down and a new packed out front put on it. So the base still is in the same place but does not come as far down as it used to and the new front aligns with the rest. Thanks

  9. Hi, your story is a lot like my experience (up to the searching point). My teeth are overlapped and some are noticeably shorter than the other…I am so glad I found your blog. Would it be possible to send me your dentist details? Thanks 🙂 xx

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