Veneers: Before and After Pictures

Despite being mortified by the before pictures and wanting to burn them forever, I feel that they are useful to demonstrate the extent of the work that I had carried out and what a good job my dentist performed:


6 months later (once I’d got used to smiling!):


60 thoughts on “Veneers: Before and After Pictures

  1. Your new teeth look lovely – you must be so pleased.
    I am considering getting veneers and have had the impressions taken, I am just really nervous about them falling off on nights out or whenever as I’ve read a lot of stories on the Internet about that happening. How have you found them? Have they effected your quality of life?

  2. What a great idea to blog about your experience! I have had my veneers for 4-1/2 years now. I haven’t read through all of your posts, but what I have read sounds sooooo similar to my experience. I never thought to write it all down. Anyway, I was just wondering if you have ever experienced any shifting/popping sensations with your veneers? I have and it drives me crazy. I was told by my dentist that it’s natural for teeth to “flex”. For me, I feel like the veneer may pop off. Anyway, you may not have experienced this. If you would be so kind as to let me know I would appreciate it. BTW, you have a beautiful smile. I call my teeth my diamonds. They are my best friend! πŸ™‚ -Brianna

    • Hi Brianna. Thanks for your post. Diamonds is a great name for them! Despite the cost and the aggro, it was definitely the best decision for me. Regarding the popping/shifting, I haven’t really experienced this, only ever so slightly in my bottom front 2 teeth if I sort of nudge them with my other teeth – nothing that happens of its own volition. Have you been to see any other dentists/ specialists who could offer some advise or confirm what you already know, for peace of mind?

  3. First off I loved your blog! It answered almost every question I had. I am going in for my temporaries next week, and I’ve been up every night reading up and scaring myself. I love my wax ups but I am very curious as to which color shade your permanent veneers are. I am between 010 and 020 as my bottom teeth are naturally a B1. I love your final veneers! They look great! If you could share your final color share choice I am dying to know!

    • Hi Jessica, from memory – I have no idea what colour they were (by name anyway)! I remember picking 2 down from the brightest white you could go, so basically the 3rd whitest. Originally the dentist was trying to match them up to my existing colour, which was more creamy, but I fancied white-white. They are not Simon Cowell tic tac white, but they are pretty bright. I love them! Good luck with your final veneers – hope everything goes well!

  4. WOW. Beautiful smile. Amazing results. I found your blog, because I recently decided to get porcelain veneers to change my smile too. Sadly, I didn’t get the results I wanted, this has been a dream of mine for years and I feel extremely disappointed and depressed. I wish I found your blog earlier. PLEASE could you send me the contact details for your dentist.

    • Hi there. Thanks for your message. Sorry to hear about your experience, I can only imagine how you must feel. I will PM you the details of my dentist – hopefully he can sort you out! Take care.

  5. Hi there – your teeth look amazing! I’m going through the process as we speak and currently have the temporary veneers on. I’m attending the same London clinic as you and wondered what colour veneer you ended up going with? My temporaries are the 3rd whitest but I’m tempted to go for the 2nd whitest on my permanents – can you remember what colour yours are as I’d like the same as you?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Hi Hannah. Thanks for your comment. Interesting that you know what dentist I went to, I never write it on the blog so you must have secret ways ;-).

      I chose the 3rd whitest. Same as your temps. My temps were much creamier, maybe 5 down from the whitest but I wanted to go whiter for the real ones. I was adamant that they not look too fake. I wanted almost perfect but not too perfect so they didn’t stand out as very obviously being veneers. Be careful of going too white – you could look like you are from TOWIE or Ross from Friends – but that is the look that some peope want, so it’s all personal preferance.

      The colour will come up differently on the final veneers compared to the temps anyway, as they are they are completely different material. Good luck and hope everything goes well!

  6. Haha, I’m just very observant and recognised your before and after pics from the dentist’s website! Your blog has really helped me, I knew exactly what to expect when I went to have the temporary veneers put on yesterday, so I didn’t panic! Thanks for writing it!

    I think you’re right, the last thing I want is for them to look fake and too white so I’ll go with the 3rd whitest too. Really appreciate your response.

    Thanks again!

    • No problem. And I’m really glad the blog helped. I was such a totally mental patient for ‘our’ dentist πŸ™‚ and there seeemed to be no info from patients describing exactly what it’s like to have them done. Only fake ‘Stepford Wives-esque’ testimonials saying it was a “breeze from start to finish”. Maybe after 6 months it feels like that but I know that sitting in that chair both times and the 2 weeks in between did not feel like a breeze to me – worth it, but not a breeze. It would have really helped me to have a step by step guide, so I thought someone else might appreciate it too. Good luck with your final ones – you’ll soon be able to eat all those nice things again! Take care.

  7. Thank you for your blog! Although I’m in the States and couldn’t go to the same dentist as you, I loved reading through your experience. Great blogging too! I’m considering veneers, and this was great information!

  8. Tomorrow I go for my perms. I didn’t have any pains or discomforts with the temps … I was amazed..However.. The temps fell off 3 times. I swallowed a few of my fronts in my sleep. I would have traded a little discomfort for teeth that didn’t fall off at work .. In my sleep .. At lunch meeting. Oh and the pain and sheer horror of seeing what my real teeth look like. I could’ve lived without that image. No pain .. No gain. Or beauty hurts have been my motto the last couple weeks.

    • What a pain in the ass! Yes, despite the pain at the time, think i would have opted for that for a couple of weeks over the teeth dropping off in embarrassing situations. Good luck with your perms tomorrow.

  9. thanku for sharin your story. was just wondering do you have to wear a night guard to prevent grinding? and how long are they said to last?

    • Hi. Apparently 15 – 20 years, I’m not even thinking about getting them redone, my brain cannot contemplate it at this stage …. Something for the future to deal with.

  10. This is a fantastic blog. The hiding away in photos and being embarrassed when the topic of teeth come up is something that I can most definitely relate to and unless you have experienced it no one really knows how awkward it can be. This has spurred me on now to finally have veneers fitted -yours look absolutely amazing. Could you let me have the details of your dentist? Thanks.

  11. Hello there.
    I am going through the whole process and start with my temporary veneers today and although I am dreading it your blog has kept me focussed on what is to come! πŸ™‚

    I am 34 and decided two years ago that I wanted perfect teeth for once in my life (tax free middle east salary helped the decision!) When I went for my consultation, the dentist told me I would need braces and today I finally have them off.

    The braces have been hell so hopefully the next stages shouldn’t be as shocking as you experienced.

    Thanks for the blog it has been as comforting as it as been traumatic.


    • Hi Danny. Glad the blog has been of some comfort – not a lot of info out there is there! Hope you are happy with the final result. Thanks.

  12. Hi! I HATE my teeth and smile and like you (did!) if the topic of teeth comes up I change it as quickly as possible! Having my teeth done has been something I have longed to do for ages and now I think I’m ready! (thanks to reading your blog!) Please will you send me the name of your dentist? Thankyou

    • Hey. Totally empathise with the hiding of teeth and hating teeth related conversations, urgh. I have Pmd you the details you wanted. Thanks

  13. Hi there, I have also found your blog extremely helpful in my search for a good dentist. As you have done for so many others, could you perhaps email me your dentist’s details? Thanks

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m in the early stages for veneers ( temps and gum shaping in 4 weeks ) and your posts have helped me know what to expect along the way. People with good teeth will never understand these emotions and shame we have experienced.

  15. Really enjoyed reading your blog, so informative, thank you. Please can you PM me the details of your dentist? I’m the most nervous patient ever! Thanks x

  16. Just wanted to say a massive thank you – I feel so much more better after reading your blog. I honestly was starting to think it was just me who thinks this process is a bit of an ORDEAL ! (especially looking at the other cool customers in the waiting room lol). Currently, I am 9 days into the temp veneers & living on Paracetamol, having had 10 veneers done on the top (& that was bad enough – I see you had several done on the bottom and the result is fantastic…am now thinking of speaking to my dentist on Monday about this). What a star you are…I keep thinking it will all be worth it in the end. Best Wishes – brilliant blog

    • Thanks very much for your message. Hope your new veneers turn out brilliantly. Temps are a trial and a half πŸ™‚

  17. Hello, your teeth look beautiful! I am in the process of veneers, just got my temporaries today after being dumped by my boyfriend for someone else. I’ve cried all day from the temporaries- not sure if its leftover emotional stress from the breakup that I’m blaming on something else or if its really the trauma of my experience getting temporaries. Anyways, my question to you is how much were your teeth filed down and does it bother you/ give you as much anxiety as its causing me? My dentist showed me how much they took off between the filing and putting on the temps and i was mortified. I feel very stuck now because there is definitely NO going back, considering my two front teeth are very tiny crooked nubs that are different sizes. All I know is that I will be traumatized if these temporaries fall off or if I ever break one of the final veneers and have to look at my real teeth.

    • Hi. So sorry to hear about your recent upset. He obviously doesn’t know what he’s missing.

      With regards to veneers and the filing process. I have NO IDEA why your dentist told you to look at them! Utter craziness. Literally pointless. I accidentally touched mine with my tongue during the filing process and it was minging. I definitely did not want to see them!

      I don’t think the filing process and the subsequent results should cause you any concern and I very much doubt they will come off. If you have chosen your dentist carefully and researched them, hopefully you have seen their work and read testimonials to reassure you. I would even speak to your dentist confidentially and just raise your worries, they should be able to reassure you.

      In any veneers process other than the clip on ones (lumineers?) it is always a no going back decision. Stick by the fact you made the decision and be happy with the result. If you are not, definitely speak to your dentist. Otherwise, let the fears go.

  18. OH my goodness! How beautiful your smile now looks. Thank you so much for your extremely helpful blog. Would you email me with your dentists details? I would be so grateful. Thanks.

  19. Your teeth are amazing! I’m booked in to have my two front teeth done in September and I’m very nervous about it. Seeing your results and reading you honest experience has really helped to prepare me. Thank you.
    Maria xx

    • Hi Maria. Thanks for the message. Glad the blog offered some reassurance. Good luck with your veneers, hope everything works out. πŸ™‚

  20. Hi there, I would like to congratulate you on your final results. I think i have finally got the courage to go for veneers please could i have your dentists details?

  21. Hi there,

    I loved your blog and I have hated my teeth since a young age, I’m a confident person and enthusiastic but have always felt there is something missing. I’m going to attempt California Deep Bleaching first but want to weigh my options up as I’m just 19. Could you send me the name of the dentist you went with please? Would be great!


    Mitch πŸ™‚

  22. Hi
    Thanks for the great insight into the process. I’m just having my top 4 middle teeth done due to terrible flouride staining from when I was a baby and looking at photos of me smiling makes me miserable. I’m wondering if I should have had more done (have restricted the number due to cost!) but also I’ve been really nervous about the possible pain! It’s good to read an honest story as my consultant has told me not to worry but I don’t want to get any false hopes. Fingers crossed the pain isn’t too bad!

    Your final pictures look great and most importantly, really natural. You must be so pleased.
    Thanks again for the insight!

    • Thanks for the nice response. Hope yours have gone well. I know only too well the feeling of looking at fluoride stained teeth and certainly do not miss it πŸ™‚

  23. Hi, I loved reading your blog! I currently have 4 veeners on top teeth. I had an appointment at the hospital group this week to have 8 veeners on the top and whitening.
    What colour did you chose? I am considering b2 shade. Also what dentist/practice did you use. What questions did you ask dentist re experience etc. Not yet paid a deposit

    Thank you!! X

  24. Your new smile looks amazing, you must be very happy. I myself have had 8 upper veneers done. My biggest advice to anybody getting the work done is to be really sure that you want it before you go through this. Unfortunately I have had a lot of issues associated with my bite (my bottom jaw is slightly offset to the right), and I have had no end of problems for the past 2 months. The problems won’t present straight away either, they are very insidious and take 1-2 months for people with bite issues such as mine. I am gradually rectifying problems as they present, but I have been miserable for a couple of months now, and the process is NOT REVERSIBLE once you have committed. I am only 26, and am really hoping that I have not created a life long problem for myself. It has been very distressing from a psychological standpoint, because you always have that concern in the back of your mind that something isn’t quite right.

  25. Thanks for sharing your experience! Can you please let me know your dentist name? I going to do veneers as well and I’m researching at the moment.

    Thanks and keep smilling πŸ™‚

  26. Hi… I am really interested in your story… its been a few years now. Are you still happy with them? Have you have any issues? I recently had a fall and an thinking about veneers to repair the damage and hide the one that had the root canal.

  27. Thanks so much for this blog!
    What do your teeth feel like from the inside? Can you feel a difference between the backs of your old teeth and your new veneers?

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