Day 1- 5: Living with Temporary Veneers

Temporary veneers are made of acrylic. When they are fitted they feel rough and too big for your mouth. The adhesive used to fix them in place is painted on to the front and backs of your teeth, so you can no longer feel the backs of your real teeth. Because you have a rough layer of adhesive on the backs of your front teeth, your bottom teeth are not able to slot in behind them as they usually would. This tends to push your lower teeth back slightly in your mouth and will probably give you jaw ache. With the final veneers, you will be able to feel the backs of your old teeth and your bottom row of teeth should sit comfortably behind your front teeth as they always used to (that’s what I’m praying for anyway).

The temporaries are usually fitted as one big block – like dentures – rather than as individual teeth. They do not have gaps in between each tooth and so your speech may temporarily be affected, I find S’s quite difficult to pronounce at the minute.

You will find that saliva gathers in your gums. You would usually suck this through the gaps in your teeth subconsciously, but you will be unable to do this. If you are anything like me you will likely keep your mouth closed for most of the time and will consciously need to suck the saliva in to your mouth regularly.

You may find that your teeth are more sensitive to air when you breathe. Mine are less sensitive than I thought they would be under the circumstances, but cold air on them can provoke a sharp pain, like eating an ice lolly with sensitive teeth.  I have tended to keep my mouth fully closed and breathe through my nose unless I am speaking, to minimise the cold/any air on my teeth.

To begin with the temporaries feel hideous and make your mouth ache almost continuously. After about 5 days this abates quite a lot. You will still be conscious of them and they will feel alien, however, they may not neccessarily cause you a great deal of pain. There is a constant pressure from them on your gums, which aches, but with regular over the counter pain killers you can stem this quite well.

I had my temporaries fitted on Wednesday, it is now Sunday. Below is an honest/brutal account of  what it has been like, for me, living with temporaries for the last 5 days. It may or may not refelct other people’s experience.


It is difficult to remember exactly how I felt immidiately after having my temporary veneers fitted. I know I was completely drained and my mouth was very sore. However, I sent a group texts to my family  in between having the top and bottom veneers done. I think these texts pretty much sum things up:

“Just had the top 10 temp veneers done. Feels fucking HORRIFIC. Want to cry. Looks nice but not white enough, so will go whiter for the final ones. Got a break then in at 2pm for the bottom set 😦

My Mum responded to me asking me if I was very sore. My response was:

“Not too sore but achy and very numb and soo swollen. Will only get worse once anaesthetic wears off. Won’t be able to eat anything, would rather die than try at the moment.”

To my boyfriend:

“Feels fucking horrendous. Want to die.”

To my boss, asking if I could talk:

“Not a fking chance. Feels absolutely horrific. It feels like someone has ripped my teeth out and stuck in some dentures made of glass and then sliced out my gums. Just had the top 10 done, got a break, then the other 6. Bite all fked up. The temporaries feel awful because they are plastic rather than porcelain. Can imagine when the anaesthetic wears off  will feel like I am chewing razor blades because it already feel dreadful 😦

As you can see, it wasn’t plain sailing… I am known for being a little dramatic, but it definitely was not pleasant.

After my appointment I caught the train from London to Birminghamto stay at my parents for the night. We watched the final installment of Harry Potter at the cinema. This was a good distraction and I would advise planning something like the cinema, which will distract you but not force you to talk for a long period of time.

Eating & Drinking:

At dinner at ‘JAMIE’S’ that evening I asked for any drink that was room temperature and they found me some mixer lemonades. Anything too hot or cold would have had me climbing off the ceiling. I had a starter portion of tagliatelle carbonara, of which I ate 1/2 and it took me 30 mins. It felt very very strange attempting to eat with the temporaries. It felt like all my teeth had been removed and small Lego pieces had been inserted in to my jaw. They didn’t feel like they were mine and I was conscious of clanging them together and them not fitting together as I chewed. I had ulcers all along the top and bottom inside of my mouth, which also hurt.

Click here:  Temporary Veneers: What can I eat? 

How it feels:

When I went home to bed I was very conscious that my teeth and bite didn’t fit together properly and I couldn’t close my mouth in a comfortable position. I spent literally hours moving my jaw around and stressing myself out. I am told this is quite normal but it feels awful and made me quite anxious.

For years your teeth have fit together perfectly and your mouth is now constantly moving, attempting to get them to fit back how they have always been. It drove me mad. It will give you jaw ache and your tongue will ache or even get ulcers from constantly touching all the new things inside your mouth. My brain just couldn’t comprehend the new ‘bite’.

That my teeth wouldn’t fit together properly was my worst nightmare and it had come true. My one fear was that I would trade a cosmetic problem for a genuine painful problem. I panicked so much I made myself sick and cried.

I got very little sleep and gave myself a banging headache. The teeth themselves were not particularly painful, to be clear, I didn’t feel pain from each tooth and I didn’t have any shooting pains. The pain was more of a consistent ache around my whole mouth and also the ulcer pain. I took some Panadol and this subsided things a bit.

Brushing teeth:

The dentist had advised me to brush my teeth very gently and to swill my mouth with either alcohol-free Listerine or salt and water. I used Sensodyne toothpaste, which I have used for years anyway but it will help your gums if they are sore. I used a very soft toothbrush and lightly brushed all the teeth and my gums. I swilled twice with salt and luke warm water.


On Thursday morning I thoroughly regretted going through with veneers. I believed it to be the worst decision I had ever made and I posted an ambigious message on Facebook that I wished I could turn back time. I cried all morning and panicked that my bite and jaw alignment would never  be the same again and everything my Dad had warned me about unnecessary cosmetic surgery had come true. I had done this to myself and there was no going back.

I had stayed at my parents house the night before, to be looked after, as you do in these situations. My mum made me a single scrambled egg for breakfast which took me aprox 45 mins to completely finish. I drank luke warm orange squash.

I was in pain. It felt like someone was forcing my teeth into both my top and bottom jaws – with their hands. The pressure was very uncomfortable and very distracting. There was still no sharp pain, just a continuous throbbing ache.

The teeth felt a little sensitive to the air when I breathed in, so I covered them with my lips most of the time and continued to do this to protect them. The teeth felt alien, like someone elses teeth in my mouth. Too big. Awkward. Rough. Unfamiliar. I took 4 Panadol that day just to ease off the jaw ache and the pressure.

I called the dentist first thing and told them I felt horrendous and I wasn’t happy and that I had to be seen that day. They were very accomodating and slotted me in in the afternoon. The dentist listened to my panicked ramblings and filed down the teeth which were catching, giving me a ‘high’ bite. This is basically where one/ some of your teeth protrudes and stops you biting the whole way down, so your bite becomes ‘higher’. This was a marked improvement and I was relieved somewhat, but they still felt strange.

The dentist said I was being negative and that I really needed to give it time and I would adjust – he was probably right. He said it would take a few days for my brain to get used to everything.  At this point I was miserable. I told him I didn’t want to adjust to something that felt plain wrong, I just wanted it to be right. I think me and the dentist have fallen out… 😦

The ulcers were bad and had spread along the top and bottom of my mouth where the mouth guard/ lip retractor had been. When I showed them to my dentist he said it was where the injections had been but I believe  it was due to the rubbing of the lip retractor as this is where it sat.

Thursday night I was still quite upset. I ate a small portion of  mash potato with some green beans mashed in as a token gesture to my 5 a day. It took me about 30 mins to eat this and I waited until it was cold.

These were texts I sent that evening which better epitomise how it felt:

To my sister:

“Had a bit shaved off the tooth. Currently wish I’d never gone through with it but can’t go back now. Can’t eat anything that isn’t white and can’t fucking chew. They feel absolutely awful – look nice though, on the plus side!  Mouth feels like a load of rocks in it, keep chewing my tongue, speaking funny, bite not right. Altogether quite stressful. Was in tears all morning. Bit better now but regret it so much at the moment”

“Mum and dad off to the indian. I am going to bed to feel sorry for myself with my dreadful painful plastic teeth”

Nuff said.


I went back to work this day so was obviously feeling a bit better. My boss had sent a text that morning asking if I would be coming in and I responded:

“Yes, I’m coming in. I might be a little quiet and I won’t be able to eat anything but that will probably be a refreshing change for everyone. Thanks for yesterday, I appreciate it. Really couldn’t have faced coming in, was practically  suicidal.”

This text  message clearly demonstrates a change in the way I felt. I now felt well enough to come in to work and had used suicidal in the past tense! I was also attempting humour, something that had definitely been absent on day 1 and 2…

I spent about 3 hours in a meeting where I didn’t have to talk too much (couldn’t if I tried) and then 2 hours on the train. By the end of the train journey my jaw was aching and my ulcers were livid. When I arrived in Manchester, I went straight to Boots and bought as much ulcer relief medication as I could – and applied everything at once.


This is the first time I used something on my ulcers, so I think this shows that it takes a couple of days for them to come in to full swing. Buy some ulcer meds in advance to cope with this. I bought the following – and used them all in one go!

Friday night I made some home-made chicken soup with orzo pasta and very thinly sliced green beans. This was ideal and very easy to eat.

Things I discovered on Friday:

  • Unable to bite nails
  • Talking hurts your jaw
  • Unable/best not to bite or chew anything with your front 2 teeth, can only use the side of  mouth


I felt much better and managed 12 hours sleep – can’t be bad. I ate home-made chicken soup for brunch as I couldn’t face anything else. The ulcers were killing me.

I spent most of the day out and about mooching around Manchester with my boyfriend. By about 5pm my jaw ached and I took the first Panadol extra of the day. I bought more ulcer treatment and some alcohol-free listerine. I also bought some minstrels as I couldn’t cope with the thought of no chocolate for 2 weeks.

The temporaries were beginning to feel more normal in my mouth, I was getting used to them and the pain was more feeling of continuous pressure rather than anything more sinister. It was the ulcers more than anything that were driving me crazy. I used the meds I bought constantly, they do help to dull the pain and speed up healing. I think I should have applied them from day 1, rather than day 3 and it may have helped speed recovery even more.

I ate chicken and pasta for dinner.  This was easy to eat but it still took me about 1/2 hour because I was still very cautious of chewing with these strange Lego teeth. They felt delicate and wrong when they moved against each. Most of the time I just swallowed whole after a token bite.

I sucked about 6 minstrels. Although they tasted GREAT Galaxy Counters would have been better ito suck, as the shells of the Minstreels rubbed the roof of my mouth raw. It was worth it. Buttons are the way forward – suckable is the word of the day.

Thought I would add a pic of the temporaries for viewing. Not bad. I shall be going a bit more ‘neon white’ for the final veneers, like my real teeth at the bottom back left.


It has been 5 days since I have had my temporaries fitted. The dentist may have been speaking some truth in that over time I would get used to them. Don’t get me wrong, they still feel hideous  – but bearable.  However, if my final veneers feel anything  like these dreadful temporaries, I will be distraught. I have been assured they will not!

I seriously think they only give you these temporaries so that anything they give you afterwards will feel amazing and you will be happy and go away thinking you have the best teeth in the world. Because frankly, anything is better than temporaries.

I managed to eat 2 sauages and scrambled egg for breakfast, sadly without any ketchup for fear of turning my teeth orange.  Still had the constant pressure on my gums and a dull ache in the top of my jaw. Bottom jaw feels fine. It basically feels as if you have poppy seeds wedged inbetween each and every single one of your teeth and you can’t get them out. The pressure drives you nuts but it’s not like you are recovering from open-heart surgery or anything as dramatic.

My other half’s breakfast 🙂

My breakfast 😦

The ulcers are abaiting already. Yesterday I read up furiously on ulcers; what treatments work best, home remedies, how long they last etc. Most of the information stated that they usually take about 2 weeks to fully clear up. Mine are starting to go already, so the medication must be working. I think it a case of pile as much on as possible. It’s worked for me anyway.

The gums where I had reshaping have pretty much healed already and are looking good.

For dinner I had…. wait for it…. more chicken! Over the last few days I have become more accustomed to eating and become a little more adventurous. Chewing is becomming more normal but is still done slowly so as not to clang the teeth together.

I should imagine that this time next week will be much easier. Time will tell.

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44 thoughts on “Day 1- 5: Living with Temporary Veneers

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for all this great information! It must have taken a lot out of you to write all this, but it has been so helpful as I am on day one with my temps. I am NOT looking forward to the next couple of weeks, but your veneers look amazing!! Beautiful! So I think it will be worth my Nana always said”It hurts to be beautiful!”Thanks again!

    • Hi. Hope you’re getting on ok with the temps and I’m really glad if the blog helped in any way. I’m sure you’ll love the finished result!

  2. Thank you – reading this on day 1 of temporaries and struggling with eating soup and porridge and was losing the will as 2 long weeks to go! Thanks for sharing x

  3. Ohhhh I’m in pain with tempo veneers n I can’t wait til I get done the permanent ones after 3 days. the pain I’m havin is no words to discribe it ohhhhh but, after readin your comments I’m feeling much better already now I undrestood the pain Is normal and I keep takin painkilers til Friday:)))) it worth the pain at the end. No pain no gain!:))))

  4. You are hilarious! I have had my temps a week and go back tomorrow for the “real” thing! I can’t wait to get the temps off. While I did not have much pain, I had avoided looking on the web for stories until I was a week in and feeling braver. Your blog made me laugh out loud several times! It was good to know that much of what I was experiencing was normal. Yours look fabulous!

  5. I am very impressed with this article. I think that these tips and ideas will help me tremendously in the next few months. I have been debating getting the veneers in Calgary but now I’m more decided on what I should do. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi, can I ask why you decided to get veneers, did you get them because you had white stains on your teeth? I was just curious, because I have these whiter patches that have always been on my teeth since the adult ones grew through and I am insecure about them and I am considering getting veneers too!

    • Hi. I had flourosis, which I hated and this was the primary reason for my getting veneers. Hated the process, but love the results! x

  7. I’m sorry you had such a tough time with the process. I just got my temporaries on yesterday and they fit perfectly and I don’t feel an ounce of pain. Never did during the procedure or after. I’m glad you’re happy with the final result though!!

  8. OMG…Now I am scared to death to go through with my appointments. I am currently in the “whitening phase” for 14 days. I go next week for the first appointment and temps. I was even thinking I might ask if I can just wear something else instead of the temps and just stay hidden at home. That way I won’t have to suffer with the temps. HELP, someone tell me it isn’t so bad. I’m getting sick to my stomach reading these stories. 😦

    • Hi Nancie. Don’t be scared, if it is what you want it is worth it. It is only a couple of weeks and it is bearable – just not very pleasant. Some people are affected worse than others and some have no issues or pain whatsoever – you might be completely fine. Go for the temps and just know that it isn’t forever and you’ll get through it fine. Everyone else has, it is just a pain in the ass for a couple of weeks.

      For some people it is good to be prepared and have some foresight about the procedure, others (maybe – you) it is best not to know and just take it as it comes. If you look at all the ‘after’ smiles of all the people on the internet with veneers, you’ll see how happy they are with the final results and almost everyone will tell you they are glad they did it.

      Go for it, I am sure you’ll be fine and you won’t regret it x

  9. thanks for the reassurance, it helped. I have an appointment TODAY to check my whitening progress. Next week is the big DAY 1. Here’s the good news (maybe); I’m only having the front 4 teeth done. Will that reduce the whole ordeal or does it not make any dif? My biggggggest worry; the shots. I have a reaction to that crap even when I have ONE for a filling. And now that I’m in a panic, I’m afraid I’ll hyperventilate and pass out. 😦 I still want perfect teeth. It’s been a life-long dream (even though my own teeth are fine) b/c I LOVE white, straight, holly-wood teeth. I am hoping to get my second appointment (the veneers day) moved closer to the first one so I don’t have to wear the temps for 14 days!!!! That will kill me.

    • I imagine having only 4 teeth done will be less of an issue than having 10 or more, but i have no evidence for this. However, they are your front teeth so you probably will be a little self conscious with your temporaries to begin with. After a couple of days you’ll be fine.

      I’m not sure what they can do about the injections, it depends what your reaction is – is it a physical reaction (ie actually allergic) or are you just scared? If you’re just scared, ask a friend or your mum to come in with you for that bit and hold your hand. It will simply distract you a bit more. Also ask if they have a numbing spray to spray on your gums BEFORE they inject you – you almost can’t feel the shots then, so you won’t get as worked up. Give them a call and ask them about the spray and having someone in with you before your appointment, so they can reassure you in advance. Bring an ipod too and listen to some music nice and loud so you can’t hear what’s going on – that’s a good distraction. Just repeat the lyrics in your head to take your mind off it.

      Also, having the tempoaries for 10 or 14 days wont make much difference. It’s the first 3 or 4 days that’s the worst and once you get over that you’ll be fine. Don’t rush them if it means your veneers might not be perfect because they’ve been rushed through too quickly. It will all be worth it in the end. You’ll have to post your before and after pics once you’ve had them done. Good luck.

  10. Ohhh, that helps then. Um, I don’t THINK I have an allergic reaction…but I get some strange rush of “something” like I’m going to get sick and faint as the shots are giving me all that stuff. They told me they would numb me with topical first and that they have teeny needles (a machine for kids) which they use so it isn’t bad (they say). If I can survive that, I do have an Ipod and I can do some meditation in my head. I know I’ll live but I hate inconvenience and pain. Here’s the kicker; I have a pool party at my house the next day (thinking I’d show off my temps) and I can’t change it now! How will I feel? I’m even considering asking to NOT have temps…but to just wear my retainer (for whitening) and not leave my house for the interval time. Would that reduce the trauma?

    • I 100% would say wear the temps. They’ll give you a chance to make any changes to the look of the veneers. Would you be proposing for them to make the teeth ‘ready’ and wear the retainer – ie take the enamel off and then live for a couple of weeks without it? Because that would be so horrendous and painful that I couldn’t even contemplate it.

      Just pop a load of meds the day of your party and you’ll be ok – maybe a little quieter than normal. Some of the people who have commented on my blog have said they were completely fine after the temps, others less so. You might be one of the ones who are fine. If you’re good at meditation I’m sure that will help to focus and take your mind off it.

      I know what you mean about the rushing feeling. I think that may be more of the anxiety/panic you’ve build up but I can relate completely. I read this article recently: and when I got to the bit where the woman sat in the waiting room and how she felt, I felt exactly the same and had to sit with my head in between my knees to stop myself passing out. Just try to keep calm and positive and pop lots of ibuprofen!

  11. Hello! I have had so much great info and insight from your blog. I´ve been wanting mine done for years. Now I finally decided to go ahead and just get them done. I also have fluorosis and staining on my teeth. At this point I got my temporary veneers yesterday and even though I have no pain, no difficulties at all, I am terribly worried, because these temporary veneers look huge – especially 2 front teeth, too long and wide and I am so worried I will look like this. I feel worse than I did before about my teeth….. I just don´t know how would it be possible to make them much smaller without drilling down more of my teeth, but I don´t want to have them so large.
    Do you know how much they took off of your own teeth?
    Anyway thank you so much for this blog and being so open !

    • Hi. No idea how much they took off my own teeth, roughly the same thickness as the new veneers, so not a lot – a hairs width or a mm or so but feels huge when you rub it with your tongue.

      Don’t agree to anything you are not happy with and don’t accept the final veneers until you are 100% satisfied. It’s your money and your mouth, you are paying for a service. Make sure they end up how you want them to, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Good luck.

  12. Greeeaaat… Im getting temporaries next Thursday. I have missing teeth and they are giving my temps while I go through the whole implant and veneer process. Now Im scared, but going through with it anyways. Do they look good?

  13. Thank you so much for writing this blog! I am on DAY ONE of my temporary veneers, experiencing discomfort and pangs of “buyer’s remorse.” All afternoon I’ve been wondering what I got myself into and definitely concerned about what lies ahead.

    Your blog has put me at so much ease, because so far I’m experiencing what you’ve described, so I know it only gets better from here, and it’s worth it in the end! I’ll be spending a lot more time visiting these pages over the next few weeks.

    I really can’t thank you enough. Now I’m calm–excited, even–knowing everything’s going to be all right!

    By the way, your teeth are beautiful!!!

  14. Hi. Did your gums bleed when you brushed your teeth? I had temporaries fitted yesterday and every time I brush (I bought a soft head toothbrush especially) I could cry with the pain. Maybe I am brushing too hard? Is it normal for them to bleed?

    • Hi. Yes, mine bled a bit but tried to just brush the teeth and not the gums for the first few days really as couldn’t take the pain. Hope they are healing for you.

  15. Hi just got my temps in and they don’t look as white as my other teeth would this change when I get the permeant veneers in? And feel very rough

    • Hi. You should make sure at this stage that you discuss with your dentist if you want to go whiter. When he out my temps in i told him they were too ‘creamy’ and went two shades whiter.

  16. 8 temps just yesterday.. Want to rip them out! I am trying to stay positive and thinking it’s a great diet plan 🙂 I truly appreciated your step by step experience.. Gives me hope that I will feel better about this soon.. Counting down to Day 5!
    Well, and then 3 more weeks after that.. UGH.. It has to get better..
    Thanks again for blog.. Huge help in understanding the process!
    Guess it’s all worth it in the end (…positive thoughts) ~ jennyo

    • Thanks for your message. I hope you are loving your new veneers. I certainly empathise with wanting to rip the temporaries out! Good luck for the future.

  17. Hiya,
    Loved reading ur story and now I know what is ahead of actually getting the real veneers.
    I had temp veneers yesterday and one has already feel off, I just cried it was awlful. I rang my dentist and he told me to stick it back on with nail polish, I see u never had a problem with yours actually falling out.
    Although I read about the hurt and pain you went through and I feel so sorrii for you.
    I love your teeth I think whoever did them was great.
    Good luck for future 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you for your message. Im really sorry to read about the drama you experienced with your temporaries, not sure how i would have reacted if my dentist had of told me to stick my own temporary back on with nail varnish. I know it wouldn’t have been positive or polite!!
      I have your perm veneers are wonderful, good luck.

  18. Lucky you… you only had to wait a week?? I had the top set done first, under IV sedation, then the permanents applied six weeks later. Then after two more months, the bottoms were ground down with temps applied. Now I find I must wait six weeks to have the lower teeth permanent veneers applied! So if your dentist has not given your a firm schedule, schedule both appointments at once!

    For the upper veneers, I took a great deal of pain meds following the original appointment, but for the lower ones, far less to none. The pain level seems nearly the same.. the aching in the jaw is tremendous, and the pain spread into the ears and throat. It’s part of the process, has nothing to do with the dentist, and I’m still glad I’m going through with it. (Had two babies with no pain killers… I can do this. It just takes longer! As with the pregnancy, once the baby arrives, all the pain is forgotten!) I used to have beautiful teeth; I’ve always taken good care of them, but just have poor genetics. My teeth simply continued to crumble, break and stain, and I’m thrilled with the new ones. By the way, your temporaries look a thousand times better than mine.

    • Wow – it sounds like you really went through the mill getting your veneers. Think I would have been put off with that timeline if it had been proposed. Glad you love your perm veneers though. Good luck for the future.

  19. that you have done with it. what’s your experience about the strenght of Veneers..are they Strong enough or you have to carefull before bitiing & chewing?

    • Hi Ritesh. I have absolutely no problems with my veneers at all, not with strength or pain or eating or sensitivity, nothing. I find that when i get ill, the nerve endings flair up a bit and make them sensitive, and a bit of jaw ache, but other than that, i never notice i have them! Except that i can smile like a normal person, which is great! 🙂

  20. I’m so sorry for the experiences you all have had. Just got my 8 temp top veneers on yesterday. I’m from Texas. I was completely sedated. No pain at all. Very pleasant experience. Didn’t feel a thing. When I woke, no pain. Just had to wait for the novacaine (sp?) to wear off. Still no pain, but I did take 3 advil at the office before I left. There is some cement behind the teeth that “feels” weird, but no pain. I can eat anything if I want to except not to use the front teeth. The temps look just fine while I’m waiting for the permanent veneers. I had a milkshake on the way home cause I was hungry. After I woke up from a little nap when I got home, had some cheese and crackers. Tasted very good. I even had some ice creame. Took some more advil, but really didn’t need it. No sensitivity, no pain. I chose to do the bottoms first to see how that goes. That is the best way to do it if you can. Just small steps at a time. My dentist called me himself last evening to see how I was doing. Today I will eat whatever I want as long as I protect the front teeth. I feel fine. I’m having coffee as I write this. No pain, no sensitivity. My bite is a little different, but my teeth have been changed a bit, so it is to be expected. Best of luck to all of you.

  21. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s totally what I’m going through now and you’ve calmed my fears about it being permanent. I’m on day two of temporaries. Thank you for the hope!!! This is killer!!

  22. Thank you so much for writing this blog. I just had my temps put on Thursday and I have been suicidal ever since. I was not aware how much grinding off of the natural teeth was done for prep and how awful the temps look and feel. I have lost hope I will ever be pretty again and am longing for my old crooked teeth back. I fully regret what I have done and can’t stop crying.

  23. OK WAIT!!!! I was told by dentist 27 yrs ago my new perfect smile would last a lifetime. IT DID NOT!! The 4 front lasered on veneers began yellowing 10 years ago.
    Didn’t notice till I saw black between my front tooth and one to the left. I cleaned and brushed and messed with it until I saw the problem. In his rush to finish procedure before the shots wore off a 3rd time, a small crack was left.
    My real tooth that was perfect before is now rotting under the cap
    Estimates over $5000. Why a red laser was used I don’t know. If anyone can tell me exactly what was done and what material was actually used I would appreciate it greatly!!!

  24. Love the honestly although I cannot say that I’m looking forward to it. But if I got braces for two years for that gap, that wouldn’t be more pleasant and I’d get to wear a retainer all my life. I’m also getting two, three, or four on the top none on the bottom, six on top at the most (still don’t have that part figured out) so that would be less than you so maybe they won’t bother me much since you had 16 of them.

  25. Hi – I just got my four front teeth “prepped” and covered with temps. Had the two front ones done 25 years ago and the veneers were holding up OK, but they were stained at the top a little and my gums were receding so there was tooth exposed above the old veneer. The dentist said that the two veneers looked too wide (they were there to close a gap) and I’d look better with four veneers to spread out the difference.

    So he took off the two old ones and ground down the other two teeth as well. Worst part: the numbing! With the new “wand” there’s not a lot of pain but it takes FOREVER. The whole process was not fun, but it was no worse than I’d feared. I do cringe when i think about it being irreversible and worry about losing the veneers when I don’t have money to pay for new ones. But … too late now! Hopefully these new ones will last as long as the old ones did – as they could have lasted forever, it seemed!

    Anyway I found your blog because the temps feel tight, almost like they’re squeezing my teeth. It’s only been a few hours, so it could be trauma as well. Happy to hear that as miserable as you were, you felt better in a few days. I have to wait more than two weeks for my new ones to come in. Popping advil and hoping I adjust. They look pretty natural, even though they are one long piece shaped like four teeth.

    To the person who asked what the red laser was used, it’s to reshape the gum line. I didn’t know that was happened and was somewhat horrified to turn my head and see smoke coming off a tool in his hand :-O

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