Celebrity Smiles: before and after

Here is a selection of celebrities who have also had veneers

(you can click on the pics to make them bigger)

CHERYL COLE: before and after


DEMI MOORE: before and after

KATY PERRY : before and after

kary perry

TOM CRUISE : before and after

MILEY CYRUS: before and after

JENNIFER GARNER: before and after

jennifer garner

MEGAN FOX: before and after


EMILY BLUNT: before and after


ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO: before and after

Alessandra Ambrosio

CRISTIANO RONALDO: before and after


CHRIS ROCK: before and after

ZAC EFRON: before and after


VICTORIA BECKHAM: before and after

KATIE HOLMES: before and after

DAVID BOWIE: before and after

50 CENT: before and after

CATHERINE ZETA JONES: before and after

KATE BECKINSALE: before and after

NICHOLAS CAGE: before and after

NOEL GALLAGHER: before and after

CAROL VORDERMAN: before and after

Tulisa: before and after


click here to read my experience of getting porcelain veneers 

41 thoughts on “Celebrity Smiles: before and after

  1. I’ve been practicing dentistry for years. A lot of people have misconceptions about the procedure and I applaud you for taking the time to get information out there for others who may be considering veneers. And I have to say, Tom Cruise’s transformation is pretty amazing.

  2. Thank you for telling your story I have found it really helpful , would you give me the dentist’s name as I am seriously looking for the right one and love your smile !

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience and informing your audience what to expect. I’ve had veneers twice, once by choice and the other due to injury. Although veneers can dramatically transform one’s smile, I personally wouldn’t recommend it unless it’s medically necessary or your career (like a celebrity) depends on it. The procedure is irreversible and the damages done to the teeth are permanent. Natural teeth are prettier and healthier. I’m pleased with the overall look of my veneers, but I originally got them out of regrettable vanity reasons. But again, if given the choice over again, I wouldn’t do it. Health should always trump vanity and beauty.

  4. Im loving reading your blog. I really hate and are conscious my teeth which are still bucked despite teen years of orthodontistry. You are a real inspiration and maybe I can save my pennies x

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been looking into veneers for a long time an this was so helpful! As well as extremely well written!!! Loved the timeline and truth in this!! Hope to get mine soon! Already had a few consults and chose a dentist! 🙂

  6. omg my teeth became so awful I had to get veneers. I am on day 3 of the temporaries and Im fine the first night was uncomfortable but bearable. In 3 weeks I get the permanents and I am a new human being. Go for it and good luck.

  7. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an really long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say great blog!

  8. Wow… I love it that u took ur time to write this wonderful story.. And I absolutely love ur veneers! Please can u give me the dentist’s name and where can I find him? Thanks and btw I love ur smile!

      • Thanks for your blog, i would like your dentists name. I have been reading it for 6 months now and I am inspired. Thanks for your help and you look fantastic.

  9. I’m getting 10 veneers done in about month and was thinking of canceling it but thanks to your blog and giving me some insight into the process, I’ll be getting it done. Still really nervous about the filling down of my natural teeth

    • I guess you’ll be getting your new veneers about now, I hope everything goes well. Good luck. I’m really glad the blog helped you.

  10. It’s amazing to see the difference porcelain veneers can make in someone’s life. This is one of the main reasons that porcelain veneers are one of my favorite procedures to perform on our patients!

  11. Hi,
    I have read your bolg over and over and i am now sure im going for veeneres well i think god i cant make up my mind! Can you tell me ur dentist name i love your tetth they are ammmaaaaxxzzzzinnngg!

    • Hi Lisa, In case the blog owner doesn’t come on the site for a bit would you mind sending me the dentist’s details. I’ve just had a disaster with my own dentist and need a good dentist to redo for me. Did you go ahead? Thank you.

      • I’ve only just seen your comment!!! I’m sorry. Did you find someone or do you still need recommendations? X

  12. Reading ur blog has given me some peace, I just got my temps… I was not aware of the whole process & pain. Thank you so much!!!!

  13. Hi there
    Now its my 2 days of temporary veneer. I felt
    Horrible. I Cried horrifying. I wish I could turn back time. I wish im not doing this. But my denstist said it is just a temporary and u feel uncomfortable and big.

    My question is, if the real veneer would i fell like this as well? Im so depressed

  14. AVOID DR ABEL MORIERA, HARLEY STREET SMILE CLINIC, AND HITACHI CAPITAL! GASLIGHTING! TERMINATED CONTRACT/ TREATMENT BEFORE COMPLETED AND WILL NOT RETURN FINANCE CONTRACT MONEY! They are using it as leverage against liability! Me and my mum have been trapped for one year plus in a finance contract (10k veneers) by this cabal, who have been gas lighting my mum over a cancelled contract they terminated! DR Moreira now works at Harley Street Dental Practice. Harley Street Smile Clinic and resigned Dr Abel Moriera breached and terminated the contract during the dental work!

    Dr Abel Moriera was resigned and in the process of rectifying the dental work – I had new x-rays – veneers being fabricated at the lab and 2 new confirmed appointments at Harley Street Smile Clinic for the final fits and new veneers and Dr Abel Moreira and Harley Street Smile Clinic decided to terminate the contract! Hitachi paid Harley Street Smile Clinic contrary to the contract conditions – i.e BEFORE the goods were supplied fit for purpose OR COMPLETED! Harley Street Smile Clinic and Dr Abel Moriera have been using the Hitachi Capital money as leverage to avoid any liability upon themselves at the expense of our statutory rights, my health and my mum’s! The stress of the gas lighting, slander, credit defamation, harassment, entrapment and their lies caused my mum to become extremely ill and she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest! My mum is trapped in the contract! She will now have to live the rest of her life with pacemaker!

    he stress has been insane! And they still continue to gaslight me and my mum! and sent letters DEMANDING MONEY FOR THE TERMINATED CONTRACT ! They have prevented me from being able to finance the completion of the dental treatment at a new clinic! Hitachi continue to demand payment for a contract Harley Street Smile Clinic and DR Abel Moriera terminated on the 5th September 2017.

  15. thank you so much for writing this.. i have just had my temps in this morning and feeling very emotional…Your blog helped me put everything in perspective .. thank you

    • Hi there. Sorry, only just seen your message. If you are still looking in to veneers, I used Dr Joe Oliver 🙂

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