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For a top private London dentist you will pay between £600 – £1500 per tooth. They will not necessarily be any better quality between top and bottom prices. You need to go to the dentist that you feel most comfortable with, in addition to what you can afford.

Of the 2 dentists I saw, one charged £1,200 per tooth the other £695 per tooth. I felt more comfortable with the cheaper one as a person, but had I have felt more comfortable with the more expensive dentist, I would have paid more.

Some dentists will charge you for your initial consultation which can be anywhere between £30 and £150. My 15 minute consultation with the first dentist was free – but I felt rushed and didn’t go ahead with the procedure. Free is not necessarily always best. With the second dentist I paid £75 for an hour consultation where we went through all my needs and worries and created a digital design, it put some of my fears at rest, so for me it was worth it.

You may be charged separately for your impressions and your temporary veneers. Some dentists don’t charge up front for this, but don’t be under any illusion, nothing comes for free in this world. If you have not been charged up front, the cost for these will be hidden in the price of the veneers.

You may also be charged for gum reshaping, usually around £80 – £100 per tooth and/or whitening usually around £500 -£750 for a full set.

Some dentists will roll this all in to one cost and some will break it up for you. Either way, the price is pretty much always negotiable, so ask if they can do you a deal. If you sign up before the end of the month and can pay in cash, you will get an even better deal!

Most dentists offer finance. If you take the finance option, you will be in less of a position to barter the final price with your dentist – but try as hard as you can.



You will usually be given the option to pay over 12, 18 or 24 months at between 7.5% – 9.9% APR (this is what I have seen so far). You might be able to get better finance elsehwere so a personal load may be a better option.

You have to fill in a form and get credit checked. It should take about 24-48 hours. It seems that Hitachi is the main financer for dental finance, although I’m sure there are other financers.

The dentist may also offer 0% finance over 10 – 12 months. If you choose this option you will still be credit checked and also have to supply 3 months bank statements to demonstrate that you have disposable income each month.

If you decide to have finance for the entire amount, you must have applied for this at your dentist and had it approved before you have your impressions. The full amount will likely be taken at this appointment.

If you don’t take finance, you will probably have to pay for the impressions at that appointment. Your remaining balance will be taken either at the end of the process or in chunks during the process. They don;t usually like you paying for the whole thing in full at the end – in case you leg it I suppose!



23 thoughts on “Costs/ Finance/ Payment

  1. thanks for sharing! i have temps in for 8 days and i am having 12 veneers done in two days. you helped me by validating every pain and emotion that i have felt. i can’t wait to be done with the whole process. what do suggest is a professional answer when someone says, what was wrong with your teeth?
    i have three teenage children who liked my stained tetryclyline teeth better. they say in the temps that i look like johnny depp in willy wonka. i am only able
    to eat cold cold food. i am so happy to have read your blog and appreciate u sharing!
    keep smiling!

    • Hi there. Thanks for getting touch. I guess people who have perfect/normal teeth just don’t understand why we want ours changed. They get used to looking at us with our old teeth not realising how much they impact us and they probably don;t even notice them anymore – where as we feel like we are walking around with a big neon sign saying I have crap teeth!!!. If anyone asks about why I had veneers, I simply say – ‘I wasn’t really happy with my old teeth and I thought, why not!’. I find it enough of a diffuser generally. When people probe further, I just say rather flippantly that I didn’t like the shape and the enamel was a bit patchy, still vague enough. Then change the subject or add some flattery to distract them, like – you have lovely teeth so you’ll never have to worry about anything like that.

      Im sure you don’t look like willy wonka, but the temps will feel a lot bigger and you’ll talk funny or move your mouth differently to compensate. You’ll soon get used to the final veneers and so will the kids. Make sure you are completely happy with them though once they are fitted and go back for any adjustments you need – that is what you are entitled to at the end of the day.

      In a couple of days you’ll be back on hot food again and in a few months this will all be a distant memory. Good luck!

  2. Hi there, thank you so much for sharing your experiences, it is really very helpful. And you teeth look wonderful! Would you mind sharing with me the name of your dentist? If you’d prefer to email I understand. My email address is Thank you!

  3. Hi! Thanks for this blog… it has really helped me.
    My story: I had 6 veneers in 2007 to protect my worn down teeth (very straight and no enamel on the backs) but the NHS dentist made a cock-up basically, he encouraged me to choose the same colour (A1) as my teeth then and said whitening was just a phase HMMMMMMM!!!!! Then he made them look exactly like my teeth (I had bruxism) and after a few thousand ££££ my friends said that they looked exactly the same, not what you want to hear!!! I had no numbing, no temps and no way to change my mind. Imagine that! My current dentist is appalled at the treatment I had done. So I am sat here with temporaries in after replacing my old veneers (6) with 8 shiny new white ones. I have also had composite bonding on the rest bar maybe 4 teeth right at the back plus gum contouring (for the gummy smile), believe me the smell of burnt hair will ALWAYS remind me of my gum flesh being lasered off now :-/ Anyway, I wanted to say that I have not experienced nearly a 10th of the pain you have described, but I only had 8 top veneers done. I’ve had more pain with tooth whitening gel on the bottom teeth! I don’t know how much your dentist looked at correcting the bite before you left the chair and I know this is something mine have done OCD-like. So with this in mind, would you recommend your dentist? Enjoy your pearly whites, I can’t wait to join the club in 2 weeks as people think my temps look fab 😀 The white diet might help me to shift that weight too, despite the copious amount of white wine I am already consuming lol x

  4. Hi. I’m not liking the temporary veneers. I got them last wednesday and in one week they have needed to be repaired three times. Right now, the first front tooth on the left side (1 out of first 4 teeth) is missing any temporary on it. I’ve decided not to go back to the dentist until my next scheduled appointment which is in one week. I can’t keep missing work and running to the dentist every time something chips off. And of course, it’s always my fault. They say I must be grinding my teeth at night, but twice the veneers came off before I got to bed that evening.

    After they came off the first time, they should of completely redone them from scratch. They keep making me partials. They are too busy to fit me in after 4 and I can’t miss work. I paid almost $13,000 for this crap (10 veneers). It is a pain in the ass. I have to wear them for at least 3 more weeks.

    • Gosh, so sorry to hear about your experience, sounds like a right nightmare. Get a second opinion if needed and don’t put up with anything that either causes you pain or doesn’t look exactly like you wanted. Good luck.

  5. Thank you for your blog, it’s extremley informative. Would you mind messaging me the details of your dentist. Thank you again 🙂 Happy smiling.

  6. Thank you for your extremely helpful information. I would very much like the contact details of your dentist as he created a beautiful set of teeth. Thanks :}

  7. Hi! I have thought about getting veneers for the longest time and I’m quite impressed by your transformation. My main concern is just that I’m a known teeth grinder in our household. The people in the next room can really here me grinding at night. Everyone in my family has told me of this fact (aside from talking in my sleep). What was the advise given to you about grinding your teeth in your sleep? This is apparently something we can’t control. And I’m not really fan of mouth guards. They’re disgusting. Thanks for the advise! 🙂

  8. I wish you all good luck. I’m from Texas and left a longer comment under her first experience section. I had a sedation dentist here in Texas. He’s a renowned restorative dentist. I will eventually have 16 total veneers – 8 upper and 8 lower. I had the 8 lower done first and had them put on yesterday. I’ve had no pain or sensitivity and can pretty much eat what I want. There is cement in the back of my teeth that feel weird, but no pain. Yes, they are expensive. I hope to post here again when the process is finished. It will take about a couple of months for me, as that is the way I wanted to do it. Not sure I can imagine having both upper and lower done at the same time. Good luck everyone.

  9. Which dentist did you go with! I think I can guess but want to be sure as I have had a consultaiton with them and about to go ahead!

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